Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for June 2017

Vos Edors wandered around the Promenade at mid-day befre reporting for his first shift. He read a book from Ancient America and appreciated the diverse, multi-cultural environment. He was assigned as a patrolman until his Investigative Specialist Certificate was approved and he was assigned as an investigator. He was looking over a crate with doctored shipping records containing contraband saepionite artifacts. It had been left by two persons known to be involved in smuggling. The owner of the crate was Delmo, a business owner with good ties to the Johvan community.

Pleg and Lirka arrived at Sushi Bar before the guests. Delmo was stuck with Seket as a distraction as Pleg and Husar prepared to sit down with Governor Kal-Nar. Pleg raised a toast as the governor arrived.

Delmo waited for Sentinel Station’s civilian governor. Seket was the first guest to arrive. Delmo offered a variety of waters with Seket choosing the most expensive bottle of red wine instead. Delmo wanted to welcome his guests from the entrance after seeing a grey-skinner business owner walk past. Seket convinced him to follow a Cardassian custom of welcoming guests from a position of honour well away from the entrance. Seket let slip (wink) that Husar was a criminal of the most vile sort. The Bolian was apalled.

Ensign Edors and Chief Rand decided to question Delmo about the contraband artifacts and discovered the Bolian’s political aspirations. Vos believed Delmo was being framed or blackmailed. Delmo was willing to speak to the investigators. Delmo had an excellent relationship with Johvan traders including his restaurant and spa. The two people handling the crate had a long criminal record. As the security officers left the restaurant, two men entered through a side entrance.

Dream read the Starfleet Intelligence file on herself. She was wanted by the Tal Shiar, Obsidian Order and Section 31. She slipped through security when she arrived at Sentinel Station and made her way to Seiklon Axel. She hugged an unsuspecting Imgres. She asked for the news and recieved a short list of everything new aboard the ship. Toraith saw a human with her arm around Imgres and pounced. Dream easily evaded the Gorn.

Admiral Leval completed his treatments. Doctor Butler provided a 72-hour booster.

Reed was excited at the prospect of joining the crew of Seiklon Axel.

A Federation News Network retorspective on the 21st Marine Expeditionary Force. Their good deeds were weighed against their heavily-armed presence aboard Sentinel Station under hard-liner Lieutenant Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw. Yellow-striped security forces were augmented more and more by marine green.

The Voyager Initiative was a project to introduce the Delta Quadrant to the best cadets at Starfleet Academy. A group of cadets debarked at Sentinel Station for field deployment. Cadet Skylar Calimo would serve aboard USS Discovery as soon as transport was available. In the meantime he and Cadet Kira Raine looked for a restaurant. Kira aired doubts natural to people so young being deployed to the furthest reaches of the Federation. She would serve aboard USS Daystrom. While double-fisting his meal, he received orders to report to Major Washington aboard USS Hunter.

Mukrala remained in orbit even after most other Gatrubbian ships were grounded. Reader Kensen remained aboard believing that his people were not destined to settle within the Sphere. Ligshuk was confident in the Sphere being a new home for the Gatrubbian people. Boan spoke with Ligshuk about negotiations with powers besides the Federation.

Talo Thrace was set to become the captain of a cadet training mission aboard USS Daystrom. Admiral Leval inquired if the young Kobali was ready. The Voyager Initiative would gives cadets exposure to the Delta Quadrant in anticipation of their post-graduate deployments. The cadet training squad would choose it’s own name. Ensign Vos would vet each cadet before boarding.

Lieutenant Commander Michaels met with Commander Mirel regarding accusations. The judge advocate provided few details as to the scope of her investigation.

Elias, Chelsea and Toraith entered Axel’s holotheatre. It was a temple with a statue of S’Yahazah surrounded by candles and broken eggshell. S’Yahazah is the revered mother of Gorn mythology. Elias was touched by Toraith’s sharing of his culture. Toraith quickly dispelled that notion by stating he was agnostic although he did pray just in case she was real. Inside a compartment within the temple was a room of artifacts that would be easier to steal. Elias was shocked. Toraith was already wanted on his planet. Toraith explained the monetary value of the items to Chelsea as the ship’s financial officer. The artifacts were the property of his father, Duke Faritha, whom he hated.

Roquel began to recover from the events in the fighting arena. Icmod helped her to her feet. The Vegone had disappeared. She realized that the Akritirians felt a high as the raeldra were slaughtered. Zoss and Zal joined Icmod and the rest of Albatross’ crew. The nearby crowd was becoming violent. Icmod wanted to stay on-planet. Roquel also decided to stay. The Albatross away team went in search of answers amongst the native peoples of the planet. It didn’t take long to locate a Vegone settlement. There were no apparent guards nor sentries. A lone Vegone stepped out into the open. Zoss unshrouded and stood between the Vegone and the away team, Zal was positioned as rearguard. Icmod told the pair of Jem’Hadar to stand down and approached the Vegone. The Vegones asked the Albatross crew to follow past ritual burials. Zoss was clear that he acted in self-defence and would not be guilted. Icmod apologized to the Vegone Sezha; the healer. Icmod and Roquel wanted to stop the continued slaughter of raeldra by the Akritirians. Zoss had made a connection the raeldra in the ring who begged to be killed rather than continue it’s pain. Zoss returned to Albatross while Zal refused to abandon his crew and the native on-planet.

Ariana brought hyposprays to Engineering to further inoculate the crew against the effects of borayon radiation. She was also concerned about how the radiation affected Lieutenant Bear’s positronic brain. The intelligence officer was questioning the Loukassan scientist. It was practically an intervention. The android resented and questioned Ariana’s motives. Eiwan’s role as chief engineer gave her the same powers as the ship’s chief medical officer to determine competency. Ariana convinced the three-foot android. Ariana replicated a pair of goggles that Bear could wear. The inoculant would be absorbed through the android’s optical sensors.

Campada asked to speak to the collected science complement of USS Daystrom. Lieutenant Commander Favor lead a debrief in the conference room. He wondered why, with warp technology having nearly reached it’s asymtotic limit, transwarp was still an active area of research. Campada informed the crew of USS Daystrom that their theories would allow for instataneous travel between any two points along a transwarp conduit. It was Iconian-level technology. The Loukassan physicist believed a positive feedback look collapsed the conduits and could only speculate at his own survival. Lieutenant Bear wondered aloud the Cronin involvement. Campada was adamant that the Cronin had no part in the research. He was confident he would be assigned to another Starfleet research station to continue his work. It would be left to diplomats to smooth over any loss of face with the Cronin if their ships were caught up in the explosion.

Elias chatted with Xin in her quarters. The chief officer spoke at length about Axel’s new shuttle. Xin wondered if he was in her quarters seeking relationship advice. She asked if Elias was looking to deepen his relationship with the captain. The misunderstanding sent Elias on a tirade and he promptly left the room. Elias drank with Alton enroute to the Gorn home world. Alton had to reach /far/ back into the cabinet to fetch Kharian tonic water for his former captain. Seiklon Axel would be returning to the Alpha Quadrant, a place it hadn’t been in years. They would steer well clear of Klingon space. Axel had gotten into trouble while still under Captain Korav’s leadership. Bresa joined the pair and discussed how the crew was reacting to their new roles. Xin entered the lounge to find Elias watching a vid drama about a brother wrongly accused of killing the Federation Vice President. The former captain liked underdog stories like David and Goliath, Bajor versus Cardassia. It was a driver in the selection of a Bajoran shuttle. The Clydesdale-class transport was what Axel really needed: cargo space, warp capability, tractor beam. It and Axel were a perfect match.

Bresa sat in the captain’s chair as Seiklon Axel passed the Lighthouse and entered the Geroch Wormhole. Reed had not been in the Alpha Quadrant in eight years. The whole crew admired the wormhole as it blossomed open like a multi-petaled flower awash in colours seen nowhere else in the galaxy. Axel made it through undamaged. Reed struck up a conversation with Quidano, a Delta Quadrant native. His past as part of the Nal’Gaharay gave him a strong sense of species staying on their own sides of the galaxy. Exploration lead inevitably to invasion and supression. Reed had distanced himself from Federation policy. He preferred the DFA’s policies to those of the UFP who had given itself a free hand in the DQ. Quidano apologized to stealing Reed’s ship to rescue Chelsea. Reed was not holding a grudge.

Seiklon Axel reached Gornar quickly and without incident. Captain Bresa deferred to Duke Faritha to make contact. A representative of the Hegemony Legal Defense Ministry confirmed the Duke was dead.

Lieutenant Colonel Stoneclaw informed Commander Mirel about Battlegroup Aggripina coming through Sentinel’s sector. A Borg Cube was detected at long-range in the vicinity of USS Discovery. Some elements would remain behind to provide security to the station and the Gatrubbians settling the Sphere. Mirel checked on the added security on the Promenade. Increased contraband required a firmer hand that the Marines were more than willing and able to lend. Mirel asked the Marines to sweep cargo areas to improve their monitoring of suspected shipments. The station had the capacity to closely monitor 15% of all cargo. She needed to increase that to 30%. Stoneclaw asked about the political di

Player of the Month

Tim was heavily involved in several stories this month. On New Emterprise, there was a very spirited argument between Zoss and Zal, father and son, about their responsibility to the Vergone natives. In the end, Zoss returned to Albatross while Zal stayed with the Albatross crew to lead an attack against the Akritirian colony. He lead Battlegroup Agrippina against a Borg Cube in an effort to delay it’s intercept of USS Discovery. It was a victory despite the loss of several Starfleet vessels. The Cube will take some time to repair the damage caused by a singularity. Tim is also instrumental in the civilian crackdown that has resulted in injuries. The ongoing investigation of Commander Mirel is complicated by the civil unrest. Thank you Tim for being so involved this month.

Honourable mention to Skylar who came to Outpost Hope One with a story that ties directly to USS Discovery. It’s nice to see the events in sibling duty stations influence each other.

Banter of the Month

“My mistake.” Xin pulled the blanket more tightly around her.

“Oh, now, Miss Flaunt It, don’t act all coy now!” Elias challenged at seeing her actions. “You answer the door in a clingy satin robe that hides NEXT TO NOTHING. Then we have a long talk in a closed room with very little pretense at modesty. What’s changed?” Again he gestured emphatically with his hand, this time tossing it outward toward the wall. “DO NOT EVEN PRETEND that you don’t LIKE the attention.” With his tirade over, he stepped back from her and crossed his arms, waiting.

–Elias with Xin in her quarters as written by Rich

Subject Line of the Month

2417.06.05.01 AXEL- Reed “I won’t let this turn out like the last time”
–The last time meaning Reed’s ship being stolen by members of Axel’s crew. So far, so good.

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