Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for July 2016

Voci and Eiwan met on the Terranium for a climb. It would give the two a chance to chat while they scaled the three-level simulated mountainside. They wore safety equipment that would halt them mid-air if they started to fall. Eiwan asked Voci if there was anyone special in his life and regretted it immediately. The Gatrubbian had outlived his entire planet. Eiwan was past her child-bearing years and shared details of Himpanwei family relationships. The climb was cut short with Seiklon Axel’s pending disembarkation. Their climb ended on a promise to meet up again when Axel returned to Sentinel.

Ensign Serota headlined karaoke night at Sushi Bar. She was concerned about a lack of safety on the station. She considered travelling to the Lighthouse. Looking at a star in the vicinity of Starbase Phoenix didn’t give her any incentive to go there. She recounted recent events including a possible double murder, marines deployed against an unknown enemy, a ship lost near the wormhole, a Tamarian sociologist arriving on-station, a flurry of junk dealers.

A marine in civilian clothing entered the bar and ordered champagne. He drank while listening to Ariana sing.

The arrival of USS Hunter changed the balance of power to the Marines. The tough-talking Marine Major gave the Sullen no doubt about his intentions. He made it clear the Federation Marine Corps was who put the hurt on the Borg. The Sullen replied with a video feed showing a field of Borg drones stripped of all organic matter. The Sullen warned the Hunter of pursuing their vessel and departed. The Marines checked for damage. Vaquero 1-2 was out of commission. Starfleet’s finest secured the damaged fighter and escorted the Rapunzel back to Sentinel Station.

Seiklon Axel prepared to depart Sentinel Station for the Hope One Dyson Sphere. Captain Elias had trouble keeping Chelsea off his mind. Standing close to Xin made it hard for the captain to focus. The immense size of the sphere affected everyone’s perception of it. Dvir increased speed and Xin ran diagnostics on Axel’s shields. Xin worked on sensor optimization with Maor. Magnetospheres are a tricky fickle bunch and no one on the crew had yet experienced the artificial magnetosphere within Hope One. The sensors proved difficult to properly calibrate curried mixture of stone.

Captain Elias decided on taking the Swift out with Quidano for a low-level pass. Voci voiced his concern for the captain leaving the ship rather than a subordinate. They passed a cache of transparent aluminum that was clearly artificial in origin. Elias accused Quidano of being needy and the two argued until they detected another ship in the vicinity. The Phreza was crewed by mal-adjusted misfits. Their ship had largely failed and was adrift within the sphere. Elias opened a channel to the lumbering ship. Captain Klax knew the Swift was searching for a downed freighter. The truce was too easily obtained for Elias’ comfort. He explicitly demanded salvage rights. Quidano and the captain were cautious.

Detective Haarfagre and Lt. Commander Michaels combed through the Mariana Joseph’s Starfleet records. Doctor Butler joined them in the male victim’s botany lab on-station. It was possible what killed them was something from the lab itself and not a Nal’G poison. Ensign Bear provided the detective with background on the Nal’G. He noted comm traffic for the botanist after his death. There was a link between a botanist, a trader and the Nal’Gaharay.

Dr. Atwal interviewed Veruca, the daughter of the two victims, to both gauge her mental health and determine if any clarity could be gleaned from her responses. Detective Haarfagre, Dr. Butler and Ensign Bear observed a holographic representation of the room. The girl was fixated on ice cream. There was no evidence she had been exposed to the agent that killer her parents. If Mr. Joseph cooked up what killed him, he hadn’t brought it home intentionally. Veruca admitted to keeping secret. Her mother had yelled at her father recently about bringing something home. Dr. Butler noted that if his work was brought home, it was safely contained given no evidence of it was found outside the lab.

Noluk, Albatross’ captain, was asked some very personal questions by his doctor. Karbo’s offer to ease Noluk through his pon’farr were graciously declined. The Klingon doctor recommended more raw, red meat in the Vulcan’s diet. Noluk politely disagreed with the recommendation.

Nort entered ‘Winbal’s Pride’ with his two heavies: Toraith and Jurlat Varg. The vessel’s captain was adamant that he owed Nort nothing; that a deal was a deal. Winbal didn’t wait for a response before triggering internal defences. Varg stepped over a cowering Nort and returned fire with a plasma gatling. They decided to move forward towards the bridge and, they assumed, Winbal. The ship began to power up engines. Toraith and Varg shot out the airlock creating a hull breach. Sentinel Station Traffic Control forced Winbal’s Pride back to it’s berth as a safety precaution and buying Nort and his colleagues time. The three reached the bridge, shot up the hatch and rolled it away. When they stepped onto the bridge, it was empty; Wibal was gone. Nort attempted to access the ship’s computer systems; the only response being ‘voice authorization not recognized’. That is, until it announced ‘Security protocol omega’. Detecting a potential warp core overload but not the lifesigns aboard, Traffic Control plotted a course for Winbal’s Pride safely away from the station and nearby ships. Aboard the ship, Toraith suggested kicking in a few more doors would solve their situation. They decided the engineering deck would be their best bet of providing an escape from the ship.

Husar purchased several items from a Cardassian who had arrived recently from the sphere. The man was ill and the transaction was hurried. There were visible shards of crystal and other assorted odds and ends.

Maor inquired how Axel handled salvage in the past. Quidano admitted it was new and a departure from their previous missions.

Imgres adjusted to her new chief engineer. He was used to hard work and Uu was putting him through his paces. The Scrib was glad the engineer, a Sheliak that looked like sludge, was as odd-looking as he was.

The 21st Liberators assembled in formation. Lt. Colonel Gravor presented the pilots that defended Rapunzel against the Sullen ship with the Star Cross for valor and gallantry. Lt. Thaalnok hobbled to the front of formation. He was personally thanked by Commander Mirel for his service. The lieutenant wondered if the station always demanded such broad marine intervention. The Commander believed that Marines brought trouble with them in case there wasn’t enough when they arrived.

The station’s newest tactical officer introduced himself to Commander Mirel.

Seket offered to show her Johvan guests any number of Cardassian agricultural innovations. Larking decided on examining their fertilizers. She enlisted Deben to demonstrate spreading what was clearly scooped out of a latrine. The look of disgust on his face did not need a Universal Translator. He steeled himself with the knowledge he was fooling the stupid Johvan. Senator Larking decided to move quickly to the next demonstration. He was convinced the farming settlement was a sham. Larking inquired about the zabu, a ruminant, grass-eating animal. He suspected the grass was replicated rather than grown as he was being lead to believe.

Lt. Commander Favor chatted with Commander Mirel about a weekly newsletter to put OH1’s scientific community at the forefront. He thought the Marines were flashy while science was not. Mirel supported the proposal. When she asked for a publication timeline, the Elaysian had the first issue in-hand. It provided a thorough rundown of the science department’s recent successes. Once the USS Daystrom was fully operational, it would provide OH1’s sciences department with a top notch research platform. Favor noted that despite twenty years of exploring the nearby dyson sphere, the scientists lacked a thorough understanding of it. With two dozen requests for Daystrom’s use, the science department liaison officer’s job was going to become infinitely more difficult.

Favor stopped by Sickbay for a tune-up of his artificial skeleton.

Roquel lead remembrance service for an El-Aurian woman buried on SG386-9. The crew of Albatross surveyed the surface of the planet. The away team decided to take soil and biological samples on the shore of a lake. Small frog-like creatures hopped through the tall grasses at the water’s edge. Zal tried to stun some of the local wildlife and instead incinerated it. Zal ordered weapons hold and gave his son fifteen minutes to capture a frog alive. He had to follow up with an order for noise discipline as his son whooped and shouted as he ran into the woods. A large creature emerged from the water. Zal tossed it his armful of frogs which it quickly began to eat through. The boy kept one for Roquel. The creature considered attempting to eat the young Jem’Hadar but turned and slid back into the water after a satisfying lunch. The surviving frog was named ‘Blueberry’.

The Albatross set course for the next planet in their survey. SG386-8 was inhabited with wildlife and abandoned cities. The away team began exploring the surface. They came face-to-face with several large, apparently harmless animals.

GMU 6174 watched the local wildlife when the Albatross AI, ALICE, began to communicate with it. Captain Noluk questioned the android about the clearly sentient beings that had build the cities and the android itself. GMU 6174 was one of over 85,000 operational units. With a simple phrase, “may I come along”, Zeno joined the crew.

Player of the Month

Rich put in a lot of effort this month. He did a lot of work behind the scenes to bring OH1 and Axel together. He created the Sullen whom I hope to see back at Sentinel in the future as a villain to be reckoned with.

Quote of the Month


Banter of the Month

“I’ve seen what they’ve been doing with the Daystrom. It’s beginning to look real pretty.” The captain added awkwardly.

“Ugly gets the job done just as thoroughly as pretty.”

“I suppose I could put Quidano in YOUR PLACE and see if that’s true.” The captain jibed.

Xin smiled inwardly. By all species’ standards, she was a knockout.

–Captain Elias and Ops Officer Xin

Subject Lines of the Month

2416.07.22.01 SPH Seket “Nothing to See Over There”
–The exact worst thing to say when you want to keep something a secret.

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