Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for July 2015

Sentinel Station has been hit with some sort of computer virus that tripped most of the systems on board. Even worse, it seems to have corrupted the database’s files relating to the Hope One Dyson Sphere to the degree that all information has been lost.

Thankfully, the USS Curie is currently docked with the station. Commander Jeyan of the Curie has been able to work with Selek, Comamnder Ares, and Crewman Eiwwan of Sentinel Station to find a solution to updating the information. The question is whether or not it can be completed in time for the Curie’s scheduled departure.

The station is still trying to find out the cause of a number of mysterious murders that have been happening on the Promenade over the last few weeks. No one seems to have seen or heard anything as a number of victims have been found in dark alleyways and other more private areas in the commercial district. So far, there has been little in the area of clues other than the fact that all of the victims have turned up with no blood.

Sadly, Lt. Commander Athena Theophilus has been given another assignment, but a replacement for Operations has already been found in the form of Selek, her protege.


July seems to have provided a major turning point for OH1 as we have a bit of a reboot. We have had a number of new players who have signed on board. We are transitioning the sim plotlines to allow the introduction of these characters. So far, there seems to be a lot of excitement, once again.

We are in the process of recreating our website at a new location to make sure all information continues to be available to those who need it. The core of the site is a backup of an old version that has been provided by Jon Moore. We are currently updating that site with more current data.

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