Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for December 2016

The away team from Axel encountered Borg on their scout ship. Imgres and Dvir assessed the situation with the hope of a quick rescue. Dvir noticed the Borg were disorganized. Toraith came face-to-face with his father, a drone aboard the scout ship. Rage overcame the Gorn as he tore at his father with claws and berated the unfeeling drone. Pigg thought back to his previous ship and the many people he had worked with as he faced down a Borg scout ship. The belly turrets hammered the scout with every scrap of power the small transport could muster. The scout ship, dormant for a decade, lost it’s shields for no more than a second. It was not enough time to establish a lock on the crew aboard the vessel. Vaquero Flight, dispatched from Sentinel Station, approached the scout ship with USS Hunter and a team from the Borg Defence and Offence Program (BDOP) not far behind. Bresa affirmed their dedication to the team on the scout ship with the Marines providing tactical support. Xin worked to isolate the away team from the mess of lifesigns. The Borg managed to hold their own in the fight. Without the luxury of time, the transporter filters were broadened to beam six back directly to Sickbay; an away team of four plus two drones to close to exclude from the transport. Axel was glad to leave the Borg scout ship to the Marines. Captain Pigg was glad to walk away without losing crew. The equipment losses would be costly to replace.

Karbo, Albatross’ doctor, transferred to Seiklon Axel. Noluk worked through the doctor’s self-doubt in succinct Vulcan fashion. Shenara, Albatross’ pilot, dug into Karbo’s past. The doctor had trained at DuSa. On reaching Siklon Axel, the doctor was directed to Sickbay. He was informed that one of the drones aboard was biologically related to a member of Axel’s crew. The plan was to remove them from Axel to a more secure facility.

In Sickbay, the crew backed away to the edge of the containment field. Toraith told the crew the borg drone choking him was his father. The containment field was tightened around Toraith and the two drones, each isolated from the others. Toraith was outraged that he could not show his father strength through combat. Ernie incapacitated the biological components of the drones. Their electronic components would continue to function and attempt to assimilate the ship.

USS Hunter closed on the Borg sphere with a BDOP team aboard. With all non-Borg civilians safe aboard Axel, the assault had a free hand in eliminating the Borg threat. Doctor Barlow was hoping to capture a Queen. Warwick promised the Marine CO that assimilated marines would be brought back to Hunter. Barlow offered a trade to marines for every incapacitated drone. Marines crossed the void to the Sphere in hardened shuttles that flew as gracefully as a brick. Doctor Wytara welcomed the Caitian CO to the ‘Devil’s Playground’ as they boarded the Borg sphere.

Crossroads Station began operations under the flag of the Setlin Commerce Guild. Exemplar Nova planned to use the station to separate themselves from the Guild. Security officers moved through the station first. They found a stowaway to be dealt with later. Engineering would follow afterwards to restore it’s power systems.

In her shop, Husar surveyed broken Builder crystals. She offered slightly used candy to medic Jon Dewitt. He dismissed the first offer of trinkets from this corner of the galaxy.

Commander Theophilus ran her traditional ‘Dickens 1843’ program.

Lt. Commander Favor cursed the Kharian situation for how it had halted scientific study in the sphere. He had accepted a reassignment to the USS Fairmont.

Ambassador Jebediah Stillwell congratulated his daughter on opening relations between the Gatrubbians and Delta Freedom Alliance. Larissa Stillwell was also tasked as a DFA representative at the Federation-Kharian summit.

Pleg met with Delenka, a Mazarite, as middleman for the purchase of what was described as junk on behalf of Captain Pigg of hte Seiklon Axel. Gral was fascinated with the ship and asked several questions of it’s captain. The Bajoran sub-light freighter had proven itself in the Occupation. Gral climbed into the back of a holographic impulse raider as a consolation prize. One flight was not enough for the young Ferengi who reset the simulation for unlimited fuel. Unfortunately, he reached his allotted holosuite time and was left sitting on the hard floor of a deactivated holodeck.

Gral took up a study of the human festival of Christmas. He couldn’t square the centuries of stories about it. It was, at it’s heart, a festival of acquisition. And surprise gifts were impossible to barter.

Seiklon Axel returned to Sentinel Station. The first order of business was to replace the communications systems infiltrated by the Borg. Imgres reached out to Chief Pety Officer Eiwan to assist in a detailed structural study of the ship. While waiting for a reply, Imgres wandered the docking

Eiwan and Sinclair continued to work on the wall hemming in the Kharians. Their batch of modifications were ready to deploy across the network when Commander Mirel halted the deployment during the summit. The two women, one French-Canadian and the other Himpanwei, chatted about their homelands.

Sipf, a Lacosian High Chorister, hosted a summit between the United Federation of Planets and the Kharian Empire. Emporer Altus Gret’ak opened referencing agreements between the Federation and historical belligerents. He appealed to the Lacosians and Johvan as sibling races. Admiral Leval, representing the Federation, called for a more structured discourse. Chorister Sipf focused the summit on the barrier between the Kharians and, ostensibly, the rest of the quadrant. Commander Mirel laid the Kharian history out as oppressors in their own right. With no leading argument, Sipf decided the field would be reduced with appropriate conditions and controls. Emporer Altus declared an immediate and permanent abolishment of violence against the Johvani people. He also provided a tablet used as authority to oversee the Johvani. Chorister Sipf accepted the declaration and appealed for trust between the two parties. Commander Mirel replied with border controls and the prohibition of military overflights. Leval stepped in to provide a more moderate Federation voice. Seket, the Cardassian representative, broke Leval’s hold of the room. The friendship between the Kharians and Cardassians was obvious. The Admiral was willing to deactivate the field completely for an acknowledgement that colonization would continue unabated. The Emporer did not accept the Admiral’s offer at face value. He held the Gatrubbians as evidence that the Sphere would become simply another colony world within the Federation Empire. The Admiral was prepared for the argument and rebutted with the Gatrubbians as a case of a people without a home world. They were not colonizing; they were settling. He doubled down with inviting the Kharians to meet with the Gatrubbians directly.


The month started with real life competing with OH1 for attention for several players. December also ended with busy real lives. Our stories progressed reasonably well during the month. We still wrote 20,500 words as a group.

Katy joined OH1 after a recommendation from Anna Maria.

Player of the Month

Rich contributed to a lot of stories during the month. He also wrote several solo posts for Favor, Pleg and Gral. I would love to see Gral in an Axel uniform in the future… he seems too much of an adventurer for Starfleet.

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