Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for August 2017

The chaos in the Promenade Medical Clinic continued. Marines escorted a discharged patient to his quarters. Another was hyposprayed and escorted to the brig.

Lieutenant Colonel Stoneclaw held a press conference. He promised to fully investigate the actions of the marines under his command. He confirmed that Battlegroup Agrippina had engaged a Borg Cube. Some doubts about the dedication of his marines was succinctly rebuked. His final statement was handing over all station security duties to another command.

Ashon-Milyo informed Commander Mirel that he had insufficient evidence to pursue criminal charges. The evidence collected thus far was too much to close the investigation. It would linger over Mirel like a Dagger of Suv’tiS. Rather than return to Earth of Vaca VI, Ashon-Milyo would remain as Governor Pro Tempore. He had plans to resolve the discordant tone on the Promenade.

Quill observed the Hope One Dyson Sphere and thought of the delicious havoc he could cause.

Elias coordinated the search of the ship with Toraith and Reed. Reed received a kick to the face as he poked his head around a corner. She moved down a ladder directly into Toraith’s path. Reed held the stowaway. She was a Starfleet deserter. Elias asked Reed to feed Kira and take charge of her.

Commander Mirel and Lieutenant Commander Bear reviewed the latest briefings from Starfleet Intelligence. The Gatrubbians were not a threat, less so now that most of the fleet had relocated to Crossroads Station. Bear was particularly concerned about his poor memory. Mirel’s behaviour was erratic; she cursed and punched a wall. Bear had undergone a thorough exam by Chief Petty Officer Eiwan while aboard USS Daystrom. Mirel wanted another exam. Mirel demanded thorough exams of the two unconscious intelligence staffers as well.

Governor Pro Tempore Ashon-Milyo chatted with the station’s new chief constable. It was a dramatic change from the previous security regime. Seket observed the change and was determined to get close to the new Promenade leadership. The governor recognized her from her intelligence jacket. She asked to share a meal with the governor where they could have a discussion in a less public place.

Bresa requested the Dahk’let under Commander Klang be neutral ground for negotiations with the Gorn over both Toraith and Duke Faritha. Klang would proudly serve as arbitor. Toraith was fearful of the Gorn negotiator, his own mother. She had trained, and nearly killed him, as a youngster. Bresa, Quidano and Xin would go aboard along with Toraith and his father. Imgres brought the shuttle from Seiklon Axel to dock with the Klingon freighter Dahk’let. Axel’s crew were concerned how the Gorn would act, even under the watchful eye of the Klingon Empire. Enroute, Quidano expressed his desire for Xin… and his desire that she be more demure in her appearance. Xin suspected she had triggered the Garan’s mating cycle. Xin had “dialed it back” as much as she could. Targa, the Dahk’let’s first officer held a grudge against his self-important, mediocre captain. He and those of the security detail wore disruptors and small-bladed weapons better suited to the close confines of the cargo hold that would serve as the meeting ground. He sealed the forward section of the ship and checked the shield emitters. Klang saw the value of the ship in the flag it flew rather than the low-value cargo it carried. A strike against any Klingon ship was a strike against the Empire. Several Gorn, including Toraith’s mother, boarded the Dahk’let. Klang had set a table of biologically-appropriate beverages and foods. There was no live food. All parties bantered with insults and snarls. Klang brought in additional crew to balance out the numbers in each party.

Zal beamed back aboard Albatross and faced his father. Zoss had observed his son during his time on-planet and decided the boy needed further training. The two would depart Albatross at the next port of call. Roquel awoke in Albatross’ medical bay. Karbo had been looking after her since the landing party returned to the ship. Distance from the planet and neutralization of the mental effects of the Raeldra would aid her recovery. Albatross made it’s way to Sentinel Station no richer than when it left. Noluk chastised Icmod as only a Vulcan could. Icmod tendered his resignation which Noluk dismissed as unnecessary. He and Roquel, Albatross’ pilot, were both leaving the ship to pursue a quiet life together. Noluk gifted a set of old T’mur patches to the pair. They had survived it’s destruction some years earlier. Zeno would be travelling with Icmod and Roquell to Crossroads Station. For the ship’s engineer, it would close the circle on temporal continuity.

The Gatrubbians who remained within the Sphere named their capital ‘Oka’. Ubanir Vimeg Graven Larant was left with a divided community and eager to reassure the Federation of the settlement’s permanence. She scheduled a meeting with Commander Mirel. The two women were apprehensive about the other. The Gatrubbian schism and the Marine crackdown had put many people on edge. Graven reassured the station commander of her intent to deepen the relationship with the Federation and that Reader Kensen was not a mainstream voice of the Gatrubbian people. Mirel reassured Graven that there were no strings attached when the Hope One Dyson Sphere was offered as a home world. Mirel was offered an invitation to see Oka for herself. The new station governor was also welcome to visit. Lieutenant Commander Favor reached out to Commander Mirel to join her trade mission to the Gatrubbian settlement. He mused at how quickly the Gatrubbians convetred their ships into surface structures.


Commander Mirel brought the reactor core of Deep Space 21 online. Their support ship, USS McNamara, was attacked while the small team of engineers looked on, defenceless. Lieutenant Lethe identified the attackers as Kzinti. The new reactor would be quite a prize for the Kzinti. The duranium shell of the reactor was tougher than the Kzinti ship’s interior. The engineers prepared to release the reactor’s high-energy plasma as a poison pill. Their actions did not go unpunished and the reactor was sliced by disruptor fire killing everyone but the future CO of Sentinel Station.


SS Albatross ended it’s last mission with the disolution of it’s crew.

Ribbons were assigned to each player-of-the-month since the Fall of 2015. Several ribbons were redesigned and will be issued to players (inspired by Seiklon Axel) rather than characters.

Devon finished editing the “Book of the Future”. It’s the length of a novel and took a lot of time and effort to turn hundreds of posts into a coherent, linear story.

Player of the Month

Rich gave a very interesting in-character, in-story tour of the Dahk’let. Rather than simply describe the ship in the third person, we follow the disgruntled first officer moving through the ship. It sets the tension between himself and Commander Klang at the same time. Hinting of a future visit from a Q was tantalizing; especially when he described his own actions as “delicious havoc”. We never did find out what was in Quidano’s lap. 😉

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