Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for April 2017

Pleg was the first customer through the doors at Pilgrimage Cafe and Books’ grand opening. He met with Husar. After a bit of mutual distrust, they settled down to business over a bottle of kanar. They both depended on trade goods of questionable provenance. They began to hatch a plan to organize businesses on the promenade. Pleg maneuouvred himself next to the station commander in an attempt to improve his public profile. He threw Husar’s name into the ring as leader of a business organization. Mirel was uncomfortable with a Ferengi and a Cardassian working together.

Gavin Darklighter reached Sentinel Station is a cleanskin starship. Pleg noticed the man immediately as someone who was hiding something. Darklighter was weary of the marines scanning everyone who came aboard. The marines were distracted by smoke. A Lechian skilled in pyrotechnics provided the distraction. The Ferengi introduced himself as a leading citizen of the Sentinel Station Business Organization. By Ferengi calculus, Darklighter now owed Pleg a favor. Delmo joined in the conversation as a leading citizen of the Sentinel Station Chamber of Commerce. Gavin tried to part ways with the two and find a dive bar. Pleg knew just the place. Delmo was out of his depth with this character. Gavin thanked Pleg and promised to come by Whims and Favors. Delmo continued to campaign for public support. They traded insults before parting ways.

Husar brought a few extra Earth items in her delivery to Athena Theophlius. Athena was unconvinced by the plight of Grouds imaginary children.

Chelsea awoke in a cell aboard Eugene’s ship. He was sure to tell her about the damage he inflicted upon Axel and that they were in no position to mount a rescue.

Axel was saved by Captain Johnson of the Cyclone, a willful peacekeeper. The captain then agreed to beam to Axel is assist in repairs. As Captain Pigg left the bridge, Quidano and Dvir expressed their concerns to each other about his netal fitness. In engineering, Bresa, Imgres and Xin worked to repair the ship. Johnson joined in a bit of banter with Dvir as he admired the patchworked systems.

Aboard Albatross, Quidano informed Toraith of Chelsea’s kidnapping. They rendezvoused with Axel, further delaying Toraith’s return to Gorn space to fight charges of tax evasion. Toraith was determined to save his human friend. His father, Duke Faritha, was unimpressed with yet another delay. Quidano and Toraith did not wait to meet with Captain Pigg. Seeing the Cutlass through a window, they decided to comandeer the vessel that saved Elias. They beamed aboard and flew away with the ship in under a minute. Neither had thought past the immediate plan of stealing a ship. They’d worry about the Syndicate when they reached Setlin. They chased after Eugene with loud Gorn music on the speaker system. Eugene reported in to his employer. He was going to deliver half of his contract. Knowing that Paul Gorgon was now Elias Pigg was worth something to his employer. It would make Elias easier to trail and capture. Quidano and Toraith found Eugene quickly in the Cutlass. Toraith opened with a friendly hail and fired weapons almost immediately out of boredom. Eugene threatened to suffocate Chelsea. Quidano was unsure if Toraith was wise to Eugene’s empty threat or just careless. Eugene returned Chelsea and escaped. He forfeited his bounty and all future contracts from the Syndicate. He asked K’livin to empty his accounts and place a bounty on Seiklon Axel.

Duke Faritha grew impatient and spoke directly with captains Elias and Noluk. Axel needed significant repairs and Noluk was hesitant to indulge the Gorn aristocrat. Their summit was interrupted by Captain Johnson who accused the Duke of planning to steal his ship. Cyclone could reach Warp 8.5 to the surprise of Elias. Neither Axel nor Albatross could maintain that speed. Reed was stuck on Axel until it could hobble back to Sentinel Station.

A Serosian Raider waited the outcome of the fight between Cutlass and Cyclone. With some battle damage, it would be easy to board the ship, kill the crew and claim salvage. As Chelsea came around, Quidano and Toraith reassured her she was safe. Six armed Serosians boarded the ship and asked the ecclectic crew of Cyclone to surrender. Toraith stalled by asking questions about Serosian culture and proposing a friend request.

Roquel, Albatross’ pilot, was tasked with choosing their next mission. SHe chose a livestock-shipping mission from a planet called New Enterprise. Roquel did not want to visit Axel herself. She distrusted Paul Gorgon regardless of what he now called himself. She was content to wait aboard Albatross until Captain Noluk’s return. With Duke Faritha safely deposited into Bresa’s hands, they departed for New Enterprise. Pelira, an Akritirian, offered the hospitality of his colony as shoreleave for the crew. It was a frontier town with a dusty, industrial look and a high perimeter wall to keep out the wildlife.

Emporer Gret’ak toured the perimeter wall that had once barricaded his people. Negotiations with the Federation and trade with Cardassia had turned them into a fortified defensive structure that protected the Kharian people from outside aggression. He was a leader of a sancutary for the Kharian people.

USS Daystrom investigated a pair of cone-shaped debris fields. Chief Eiwan kept the ship’s engines at the ready for a quick egress. Ensign Serota excluded the brown dwarf star and Threshold Station itself as the cause of the debris fields. They were not the result of combat. Taking a clue from Lieutenant Bear’s question of borayon particles, the most probably cause was a catastrophic accident involving transwarp conduits. The facility’s research was highly secret. Favor expanded the sensor parameters to include tachyons and chronotons as Daystrom approached the destroyed moon that once held Threshold Station. Eiwan could not determine the origin of the ships destroyed. Bear named a handful of species known to use transwarp technology and several that were interested in developing it. Bear, ever the conspiracy theorist, believed sabotage was the only answer. Three Cronin ships approached Daystrom from using conventional warp engines. Their hull composition matched very closely to the debris fields. Cronin are an aggressive, clan-based culture.

Favor and Theophilus expressed concern at how the borayon radiation was affected the crew. The crew was receiving an unhealthy dose but not immediately fatal. Captain Trensu was willing to let the Cronin ships destroy themselves in a star system torn apart from failed transwarp research. After admonishment by Lieutenant Commander Favor, Captain Trensu warned off the Cronin ships. The captain opened a dialogue with Varg, the senior Cronin officer.


Gavin joined OH1.

Tim returned from a his leave of absence after travelling the world.

Rich kicked off a renewed interest in Promenade characters with Pleg as civil organizer.

We wrote 24,000 words as a group covering a number of storylines including the big two: the kidnap and rescue of Chelsea, and, the exploration by USS Daystrom.

Player of the Month

Doug is prolific and tireless. He keeps everyone guessing what his characters will do next. His multiple references to Holobook were hilarious. Toraith was willing to shoot at Eugene’s ship and still ask the bounty hunter to make sure Chelsea was ok.

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