Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for April 2016

The 21st Marine Expeditionary Force returned to Sentinel Station under the command of Lt. Colonel Gravor of the Stoneclaw. Deployed as a mobile company aboard USS Hunter in 2414, it will now occupy Deck 44 which has been unofficially named ‘Camp Gor’Vosh’. The USS Hunter, a Nebula-class interceptor and troop carrier, is assigned to the 21MEF and will remain at Sentinel Station. Stoneclaw and Zhao were met by Mirel and Eiwan and shown around Deck 44. Command Sergeant Major Zhao read the riot act to his company before their first foray into the civilian spaces aboard station.

The 21MEF deployed Vaquero Squadron in reaction to a distress call. Lieutenant Thaalnok recognized the peculiar situation and acted accordingly. The crew of the Killjoy were glad to see an SAR team as they continued to drift towards the wormhole.

The crew of the Killjoy became easily disoriented and their sensors began to report contradictory information. The ship’s gunner reported the ship adrift when she saw the stars moving past a porthole. As the Killjoy fell into the wormhole, a Builder revealed itself to the crew. It spoke in short, ambiguous sentences. Silva resigned himself to his fate as contact with the SAR team was lost. M’Marss thought of her kitts back home. The Builder’s terse comments were pieced together by the Killjoy’s crew: they were trapped and would never return home. The Builder has proved uncooperative with the crew’s desire to return home.

Killjoy’s mission was not revealed in the end. Mirel believed it was hired by sh’Zula, the station’s Intelligence Officer, but, did not reveal her suspicion to Lt. Colonel Gravor. With the ship lost, it’s true mission will never be known.

Ensign Gero received a box of interplanetary dust for analysis.

Senator Larking and Seket continued to discuss close relations between the Johvan and Cardassian colonists within the sphere. The senator does not trust the Cardassians and the Cardassians believe the Johvan too stupid to understand their true intentions. Builder technology has been an area of interest since the Cardassians learned of the Hope One Dyson Sphere. The meeting ended with the senator seeking volunteers as Selectman of hte Plowman’s Association and visiting the Cardassian ‘farming’ colony himself.

Ensign Serota stopped by Namche Bazaar. She was hoping to run into marines which lead to an amusing miscommunication between herself and the shopkeeper. Husar was alarmed to discover what a ‘marine’ was given her criminal background. The role of a potent military force aboard station was a question for both women. Ariana purchase was a single fresh, non-replicated pineapple. A Ferengi male heard the word ‘Risa’ from across the Promenade and found the two women chatting. Nort’s disappointment with Ferengi culinary items was alleviated when Ariana recommended to two eat at a nearby sushi restaurant. Nort hoped his purchase of a meal would be reciprocated later in the evening.

At the restaurant, Nort was pleased to see live food. He handed the server two snips of latinum to be seated adjacent to the tank. Nort explained that he was a salvage specialist looking for opportunity on the rim of Federation space. Ariana decided on lobster while Nort chose snails. The server was taken aback as the snails are natural filter-feeders and not on the menu. The two decided to work together, one party more reluctant than the other, to negotiate a price on the off-menu snails and premium-priced lobster.

SS Seiklon Axel arrived at Sentinel Station with USS Hyperion in tow. Commander Jeyan has been aboard Axel for weeks to find OH1 a new science vessel. Captain Elias is looking forward to changes of his crew manifest.


Tim returned to OH1. He served as CO in 2010. With a major transition in his personal life, he has the time to come back. I look forward to writing with him.

Dianna stepped back from OH1 in March and will not be returning. I want to thank Dianna for her time back aboard OH1. Taura was an interesting character and only a brave soul would tackle a Tamarian character. OH1s door is always open.

Player and Quote of the Month

I would like to recognize Anna-Maria as Player of the Month. Seket is a great character; a mix of intelligent and malevolent. Anna-Maria has also been involved behind the scenes as her characters will have pivotal roles with the upcoming Axel crossover.

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