Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for January 2016

The away team continued to explore the Builder ruins with Johvan Selectman Che’Guan Dondoan in tow. The Selectman didn’t hesitate to progress further into the tunnel systems than any Johvan before him. Navigating the maze extending from the interior surface of the sphere to it’s superstructure required some old-fashioned chalk.

Suspicion of the Lacosians involvement in the lava pools forming within the sphere was expressed by the station’s doctor enroute from the makeshift hospital treating those affected to the Builder ruins to meet up with the away team.

Lacosian maintenance crews worked to locate a malfunctioning control unit, a GAMM, in the vicinity of the away team. Dahl repeatedly gave instructions to his apprentice not fix anything. The apprentice soon came across the away team. With a downward sloping tunnel system of no less than ten kilometres, there was some relief using the portal transport system utilized by the Lacosians. The away team hesitated to walk through seemingly solid walls. The first stop was an observation room suspended over a lava flow. The silo-shaped tunnel was filling with flowing lava drawn from a distant world. Several Lacosians appeared to work individually with each member of the away team. The level of interaction between the Lacosians and the Starfleeters was unprecedented.

Ariana and Sazz took to repairing the Builder device that opened the conveyer to bring molten rock into the sphere. Ariana managed to sing part of the Lacosian language owing to her skills as a singer. As a reward, she received a Lacosian voice box which allowed her to see now only the surficial symbols of the Builder language but the mathematical equations beneath the surface. She had become an apprentice of the High Lord of the Lacosian Chorus.

Avinbruch was treated to a first-hand demonstration of the sphere’s anti-personnel defences.

DW 250 and Mahlyk, his would-be assassin, worked together to diffuse a bomb. It was the only solution to the pair sealed into the hangar bay with force fields. Along with diffusing the bomb, the two discussed how to trap the individual behind the assassination plot and the method by which they would cover it up. Mahlyk did not follow through with the contract and beamed off the station a changed man. The photonic engineer had an impact on the assassin’s outlook. The tangled web was unwoven as Mahlyk beamed to the location of his employer. His employer, a conjoined pair of Bynars, failed in their attempt to eliminate a photonic being seen as a rival and manipulating the Nal’Gaharay assassin proved fatal to the Alpha Quadrant natives.

Lt. Commander sh’Zula, Sentinel’s Intelligence Officer, spoke with the commanding officer of Starbase Phoenix to discuss the recent events there. Each congratulated the other on their promotions and quickly moved onto the topic at hand. The misunderstanding between Phoenix’s crew and the photonic contingent had circulated through Intelligence circles. It resolved without further conflict. DW 250 was Sentinel’s only photonic crew member and sibling to the photonics that ran amok. The tension amongst UFP and DFA personnel was also a topic of discussion. The conversation ended on a personal note with a promise to talk again soon.

Pleg, proprietor of Whims and Favors, opened his doors in a grand opening. His first customer was looking for aged whiskey with mutual confusion as to how old one would consider it aged.

Katowal Husar opened a business of her own. She organized her store’s layout including a barrel of vole bellies front and center.

Orakix and Gero discussed the Bajoran Prophets and the potential for similar beings in the Geroch Wormhole. The possibility of a second group of Prophets or a second Emissary intrigue the Bajoran people. No sooner than the hope was articulated, the wormhole opened and an unscheduled ship emerged. It was a 100-year-old derelict Jarada ship. Immediately the Federation-Jarada treaty shut down all further investigation of the ship. The skeleton crew aboard the Lighthouse discussed how far they could push without breaking the treaty. The resident Krenim officer understood the Jarada’s xenophobia. In the end, Orakix and Gero began jury-rigging a broad-spectrum, passive scanner to learn what they could about the Jarada ship.

A meeting amongst Sentinel’s senior staff attempted to navigate the same waters. The idea presented by the station’s Intelligence Officer was not standard practice.

CWO 2nd Class Fred Bliss returned to the station. He had the same corned beef on rye sandwich in his shirt pocket.

Thev was haunted by his past in a recurring dream. The long-standing guilt he suffered as survivor on an attack on his ship was triggered by finding a deceased crew member. Crewman Chang was left for dead as Mahlyk moved through the station to the hangar bay where his ultimate target lay. Taura, a fellow Andorian, shared her own experiences sailing to a safe haven during conflicts between the Andorians and Aenar. During the discussion, Thev revealed the loss of his family who had followed him on his deployment.

Commander Jeyan departed Sentinel Station for the Omicron Shipyards. With the blessing of Read Admiral Leval, the Commander will rendezvous with Captain Elias of the Seiklon Axel to tow a retired ship back to Sentinel for refit.


A few holiday-themed threads wrapped up early in the month. There were several excellent threads as players got to know each other. The conversation in the Promenade Chapel in front the nativity scene was insightful for the characters.

XO Casey Jeyan is joining Axel in a cross-over story that will see the ship come to OH1 with our new Oberth-class research vessel.

OH1 and Axel have been posting daily digests of each other’s in-character posts. Players can follow the action on each other’s duty station.

A/C has rejoined OH1 and is working on new characters.

Anna-Maria also came back to OH1 with a pair of Cardassian characters. One is a chemist which lead to a lot of doubting and theorizing in the OOC discussion group.

OH1s membership is strong with 13 players and 29 characters. To be fair, though, 8 of them are Kait’s. 8 players (including myself) write with other DSs. The other 5 are players who have written with OH1 in the past and have kindly accepted my invitation to come back.

I was suspicious of Rich placing his Ferengi shop in Section 31 of the Promenade. And a Cardassian shopkeeper who states they are unaffiliated with the Obsidian Order is equally doubtful.

We have a Tamarian joining the crew… those will be interesting conversations

Player and Quote of the Month

Kait has put a lot of time and effort into OH1 this month. She added five Lacosian characters and spawned multiple threads for the away team. Behind the scenes her and I have been discussing the sphere’s past. Apparently my idea of finding Nessie alive and well in the sphere has been done. She also gets bonus points for quoting “Fox in Socks”.

“It was like opening the doors to a Blast Furnace. It made for quite a colorful show and the material fell from the open portal into the chamber below, splashing and dancing about like a fireworks show on steroids. The rumbling increased as it churned and mixed with the material already in the chamber, setting up a roiling convection current in the “lava” that caused it to churn and dance even more.”
–Toff, Lacosian Worker’s Apprentice played by Kait

Honourable mention to Devon. He and I wrote quite a bit as DW 250 and Eiwan between the Chetzia conference and my relaunch in November. He’s scaling back his involvement with OH1. He’s going to let DW 250 fade into the background with the conclusion of the assassination plot. Ariana is still ten kilometres deep in the sphere.

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