Outpost Hope One Monthly Report for February 2016

SES S’Task passed the Lighthouse on it’s rendezvous to DFA Cromwell. It was escorted by USS Federation through Federation-controlled space.

Commander Mirel discussed the derelict Jarada ship with her Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Commander sh’Zula, and Federation Liaison Officer, Lieutenant Commander Thev th’Prees. The FLO sensed the mood in the room and withdrew before being implicated in an interstellar incident.

Lieutenant Commander th’Prees discussed the situation with Lieutenant Commander Turik who decided a lack of diplomatic expertise warranted th’Prees step in. Presenting his orders to Commander Mirel was awkward. The Federation Liaison Officer was dispatched to the Lighthouse (a subspace communications relay station) to oversee the situation.

The Jarada ship was approached by a independant contractor named Silva and his ship, Killjoy. The captain and engineer boarded the derelict Jarada ship with a primary mission of extracting the computer data core. The engineer followed the mission parameters while daydreaming of stripping the Jarada ship’s engines. The sensation of something moving across the engineer’s foot put a damper on the derelict’s exploration.

Kamm showed First Lieutenant Avinbruch some of the Hope One Dyson Sphere’s defences.

A Cardassian scientist (and member of the Obsidian Order) set out from a Cardassian agricultural colony. The intentions of Ilko Seket are unknown. Travelling by foot, Seket and two companions met a Johvan farmer who welcomed them into his home. A taboo on modern technology forced the Cardassian to converse in Federation Standard without the aid of her universal translator. Sharing a meal proved interesting with the Johvan farmer unable to convey the contents of the meal to his Cardassian guests. None were enthusiastic about the food presented.

It was revealed to Doctor Butler that Rasp is still affecting the Lacosian population. Several years earlier, Federation scientists discovered a cure for the disease that led to premature aging and death of the otherwise long-lived Lacosians.

Ensign Orakix and Lieutenant Gero began construction of a telescope to passively observe the derelict Jarada ship. Treaty binds the hands of Starfleet preventing the regular sensor sweep.

Thev and Taura continued to explore the former’s past. It was revealed that his family died during an attack on Starbase 214. He has not worked through all of his grief.

Ikana, a Tamarian anthropologist, entered the Builder ruins near the Johvan capital.

Sazz and Ariana repaired a breach in the nether. A conveyer of planetary material not active in 3500 years lead to molten lava breaching the interior surface of the sphere.

Ariana didn’t get much rest. She was immediately snapped by the stations new ecologist, Dr. Lawson. It didn’t take long for Ariana to realize the doctor was transporting a quarter of a million bees to the sphere. It inspired another evening in the station’s most popular sushi bar during karaoke night.


Real life interrupted several player’s involvement with OH1 this month. More than one player spent part of the month in the hospital either themselves or looking after family.

No new players joined OH1 this month. No players have explicitly left OH1 either.

Kait shared a great kids story about physics about Mo and Al (Mo-mentum and Dimension-Al) entitled “Oh The Places You’ll Go, Mo!”. Thoroughly enjoyable.

OH1 has it’s first self-contained short novel: ‘DW 179’. It’s 18,000 words compiled from OH1 posts with a prologue introducing the central character from compiled Cromwell posts. It is available on the OH1 website, as a downloadable PDF and also a PDF in paperback size (size A5). This is the first of what I hope will be many novels from the OH1 universe.

Player and Quote of the Month

Dianna’s character, Taura, shared a traumatic event in her past during a conversation with Thev. Taura still have a very positive, Star Trek-esque, view of the universe. The event didn’t cloud her judgement of all Andorians. It is something Roddenberry promoted with his view of the future. Nicely written Dianna.

Honourable mention to Michael. He has given his character, Federation Liaison Officer Karathev th’Prees, a lot of history. It is a great analysis of his character and the history that shaped him.

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