Each group within Star Trek: Borderlands is called a Duty Station.  We currently have 8 groups please look them over.


Located near the Delta Quadrant terminus of the Geroch Wormhole lies one of the Federation’s greatest centers of scientific and engineering research. Sentinel Station hovers above one aperture of the Hope One Dyson Sphere; an ancient construct enclosing a white dwarf star and having an interior surface equivalent to scores of worlds. No greater engineering marvel has ever been known.
Nestled in that precarious portion of space that comprises the Neutral Zone, Starbase Horizon II stands at the edge of major change in the Delta Quadrant. A shining light of progress it inhabits the space above Devu I and Devu II, protecting the sector and furthering the goals of the Prime Directive.
Now a joint DFA/Federation Starbase, Horizon’s crew shares it’s home with DFA (Delta Freedom Alliance) allies in hopes of forming a better relationship between the two factions. 

Close to the Cardea Gateway, monumental in the signing of the Treaty of Horizon, and home to the brand new Sunrise Class starship USS Sunrise, and two Retribution Class ships, USS Retribution and USS Arsineau, Starbase Horizon supports a diverse population of Starfleet Officers, DFA Officers, Federation Marines and civilians. A centre of commerce and trade, Starbase Horizon II stands as the beacon of change and new life in the Delta Quadrant.

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Join the crew today and begin your adventure on Starbase Horizon II!


On the edges of known space, a fire burns to light the way...The furthest out of all Federation Starbases in the Delta Quadrant, Starbase Phoenix is a boomtown on the edge of explored space. Always abustle of activity, SBPX is a home for soldiers, scientists, merchants and anyone looking foradventure (or escaping from it). And there’s always room for more.Come join our exciting multi player role playing game. Join Starbase Phoenix!


The U.S.S. Discovery is the first of the Discovery-class vessels, designed with the specific intent of furthering exploration in the Delta Quadrant. Discovery is the fastest, most powerful starship that Starfleet has ever built, despite its relatively small size. If you would like the honor of serving aboard the Federation’s flagship in the Delta Quadrant, then we are only a click away. Apply now!


The DFA Cromwell, a Heimdall class ship, is the flagship of the newly formed Delta Freedom Alliance. The banner they follow is in fact the original symbol of the Federation, which typifies their goal. The Cromwell exists to supplant the current Federation with a peaceful discovery-oriented union modelled after the early years of the Federation.

The Cromwell is structured like any Starfleet vessel would be, wearing uniforms and following a chain of command. Come join our exciting multi player role playing game!



The SES S’Task is a d’Deridex-B Class Warbird serving the Romulan Empire. Named after the student of Surak, the first leader of the Romulan race, the S’Task holds great value for all Romulans everywhere. The S’Task’s main duty is to patrol the Delta Quadrant while trying to hold diplomatic ties with their fairly new Federation allies. This is not always easy as disagreements between the Empire and the Federation occur. Due to the current diplomatic relations, the SES S’Task brings a new and thrilling atmosphere to the Star Trek RPG World.Come join our exciting multi player role playing game.Join the SES S’Task!

You liked the Sci-Fi series, Firely.  You LOVE Star Trek!  Well, welcome to the game that combines the two!
The Seiklon Axel is a civilian, combat capable jack of all trades.  Though primarily a freighter, it also conducts salvage and light transport operations in some of the most challenging areas of the Delta Quadrant.   After two failed attempts to be part of corporate entities, they are ,now, totally one their own.  Hunted,  the crew must do whatever it takes to survive and profit in the wilds of the Borderlands.
Players on Seiklon Axel take the role of a member of the crew OR may participate as members of other ships and locations in the Axel Microverse.  Come join the fun and adventure found in an evnironment where rules and regulations just don’t seem to matter that much…at least to some people.