Discovery Monthly Report for October

On the surface of the ice planet of Mneventhia, the away team continues to investigate the abandoned settlement. The injured Lt. Bell begins to feel better, and out of necessity starts to search for the cause of the power failure in the settlement, with the help of Lt. Patras, Dr. Armus and Ensign Tryutu.

Lt. Dante and Ensign Nadacic decide to investigate the outside perimeter of the settlement. Lt. Bell had made mention that they were being watched while on their way to the settlement, and the officer’s decide to make sure they are not in immediate danger.

Aboard Discovery, the lack of communication continues to make Captain MacLaren concerned. Meanwhile, Engineering uncovers some strange and unexplainable heat conditions in one of the Jefferies tubes that has caused some of the cabling to melt. Operations begins to assist in finding the cause of this phenomenon.

MacLaren and Alenis continue their ‘session’ of getting to know one another in the Counselor’s office, exchanging stories of their pasts.

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