USS Discovery Monthly Report for January 2016

On the frozen world of Mneventhia, Lt. Dante, Ensign Nadacic and Jet McCarris locate the missing colonists that originated the distress call that brought them to the planet. They are met with much speculation as to who they are and what brought them there, but are eventually accepted as the colonist’s rescuers. It becomes evident that the colonists have been mistaken about the large, frozen creatures that inhabit the planet, thinking that they were responsible for the attack on their settlement that lead them to abandon it and flee to the mountains. Jet McCarris, being the one to have had the most exposure to the creatures, assures the people that they must be mistaken as they were nothing but helpful to him in his search for them and escaping the Gardok’s violent attack. This debate becomes unnecessary as the team continue to transport both the colonists, and the away team off of Mneventhia and onto Discovery.

Jet McCarris convinces Lt. Dante and Captain MacLaren that it is worth the risk of going back to his vessel in order to remove it from the planet. The Sentinels are reluctant to let Jet enter the battlefield due to the danger associated, but eventually agree. While Jet takes off in his Time Sphere, the Sentinel’s battle valiantly to distract the Gardok for as long as possible, but the beast eventually escapes and follows Jet into space. Flying away from the planet and Discovery, Jet lures the creature towards a nearby star where he successfully manages to trap the creature, freeing Mneventhia from it’s parasitical presence.

Aboard Discovery, the away team visits medical to be checked over, while McCarris is debriefed by Captain MacLaren on the events of the mission. After getting the facts, MacLaren contacts the leader of the Spires to thank them for their assistance. After solidifying a friendship with the giant ice creatures, Discovery leaves orbit.

Below the surface of Mneventhia, a Gardok infant opens its eyes for the first time and begins to feed off of the energy of the planet’s core, biding it’s time until one day when it can escape to the surface and bring terror to the planet and it’s inhabitants once again.

Players of the month:

I would like to recognize two players this month that did a fantastic job wrapping up our latest mission. Skylar and Richard both played out a very good scene that brought about the end of the Gardok and conclusion of the mission on Mneventhia. Thanks, guys!

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