DFA Cromwell-B Monthly Report for September 2016

“The Admiral undermining the DFA Command has slipped though our investigation. While we have narrowed the suspects, we still seem to be missing a single key piece of evidence. Who has ties to Starfleet Intelligence Admiral Harper?”

“With the threat of Romulan attack resolved, and no external threat pressuring the Alliance, the DFA has returned to status quo, with uneasy alliances with both the Romulan and Federation. Admiral Grey has reinstated Cromwell’s flagship status and her DFA Exploration and Diplomatic fleet has been sent on various missions. Our mission is to evaluate the Magdalori request to join the DFA after their successful Warp Ship trials. We are also to inquire to the whereabouts of a three person engineering team, including two cadets, with whom we have lost contact.”

Carson Sesgaard, Commanding. DFA Cromwell-B

The DFA academy Cadets on Magdalroi are on their own. A terrorist attack at the celebration of the Warp ship trial, killing the senior officer Lt. Kalmanson along with Dr Grinish, the chief Warp Physicist of the Magdalori. Cadets were then ‘arrested’ and taken into custody. Cadet Delroy has Magdalori genes in his system, and Cadet Shaouli is remaining by his side to defend him. They were questioned by the ‘Recognition Security forces’, but it turns out the lead investigator is a criminal psychologist. There is a lot of suspicion, but thus far, security has not arrested them, or even disarmed the cadets.

Jinx and Banor confront multiple enemies…. DFA Command moles and infiltrators, and espionage spy T’Thel. The spying from T’Thel on Cromwell hits home, and questioning ensues. An intense philosophical debate among Krenim, Vuclan and Trill breaks out.

Jinx and Banor confront the committee of the five. Questions were asked, but not all questions were answered. With the DFA Committee of five breaking up, and the issue of reunification unresolved, the status quo returns. No one thinks this is the end of that story though. Jinx enlists the aid of a civilian counselor, Cromwell’s most recent new crew taken aboard, to assist in the ongoing investigation.

Lini makes a new friend in Stumpy, and Rose Petalosa crosses an old ‘friend’ at the bar. This matter complicates Thorn’s attempts to gain guardianship of Lini aboard Cromwell. Dr Shran and Captain Sesgaard are able to secure places at Stellar Tradewinds slave re-integration facility for the two, but, to their surprise, the offer of Stellar Tradewinds expertise is turned down, at least for the time being. It must have been a compromise, as none of the parties seemed totally happy with the end result. Sesgaard places the continued discussion under Jinx and Dr Shran’s direction, who are in charge of personnel. For the time being, Lini will work for Bob and Mary, although Carson secretly wonders if that was a good decision of employing a former slave for that position. Thorn’s, and Lini’s, medical condition causing mental shutdown after removal of stimuli is explored by Dr Shran.

Carson hosts a dinner. Dessert was missed by Celeste Sinclair and Carson Due to S’Task’s arrival over Babylon. As Carson had invited them, forcing him to juggle dates. Celeste and Carson travel to the DFA Command center aboard Babylon, to be met by khre’Riov t’Pal. Behind closed doors, neutrality and non-aggression were the operative words. Officially, the Alliances still hold.

Despite a late start, Cromwell finally sets sail for Magdalori to find their wayward cadets. Liaxi Yen, the ships new counselor, chooses ‘Dare’ as the send off song, continuing the tradition of setting of on new adventures to song. While in transit, another impromptu gig for Michael, now joined by Rose, and Jinx in Tors’ bar 10 forward gets the crew singing, and playing together again.

XO report: Coming Attraction!

Player(s) of the month

I am putting forth Amanda and Bleu, our Cadets, who are dealing with some wild twists and turns in the adventure. They are holding their own. Well done!

Post(s) of the month

“I’d just like to nominate Piper for PotM. He really put me through my paces with Banor’s interrogation of T’Thel! He was intimidating without ever showing any inkling for violence in that post, which isn’t easy to write.” I agree, well written Piper.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM)

“…Requests written on legal tender, accompanied by a commcode, and threaded into Jinx’ g-string? Those we play immediately.” (said Michael.)
Starting with a G, Jinx started playing. Nothing in particular, just a light and easy rhythm. “It’s a key, Mike,” he said. “Not a string.”
Such a perfect response on so many levels. Well done Barry.

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