DFA Cromwell Report – June 2015


 Lolani, an Orion Slave Girl, is creating concern aboard Cromwell.  Is she a precuser to an invasion?  An assassin hired to disrupt the crew?  Who exactly is she working for?  The Cromwell crew is suspicious of her, and her story.  No one is willing to believe her at face value.  Her inconsistencies in her story do not help her position.

 Michael has gone back and investigated the Kazon shuttle on which she was found.  It looks like only two of the Kazon were killed by weapons fire, the third, while hit, was killed with a knife matching the one Lolani came aboard Cromwell with.

 Just as the crew is getting a hold on their position on Lolani and her imminent return to her slave master, Lolani attempts an escape and put under house arrest.  Her slave master arrives, sent by DFA Command to pick her up.

 Part Orion – Part Romulan, this jovial fellow challenges the crews perceptions and position as they enjoy a reception, and then dinner.  

 Will anyone make is past the second course?  Stay tuned.

 Notable events of individuals during this month:  Jinx and Banor repairing and retrofiting Cromwell.  Maria at Dinner with the Orion Slave Master, Michael’s investigation aboard the Kazon shuttle.

 Post History:   April: 339, May: 198, June: 181

 Player of the month:  AJ- For his research into Orions Romulans and how it could play into Lolani’s release.


 Respectfully Submitted
 CO  DFA Cromwell-B

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