DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for September 2017

The away team has been exploring Madina Saba, the city of ghosts. Trapped on RAK (Rub al’Kali) 114,000 years in the past on this planet. We are finding a structured society, led by Bajorans imposing a caste system on other survivors of the time transport to this location. All is not smooth running. We have met Vash, who is systematically stealing artifacts for later transport home, although she has no way back as of yet. We have met El, quiet and enigmatic, and helping us so far. Vedek Kira is a relastion to the Kira Nerys from Federation days. She will be choosing our positions in society soon. We will no longer be guests. We are not sure what that will mean to us.
I have to report one casualty. Cadet Ensign Jiri was found dead this morning. Dessicated, holding the “canteen” we found in the Alien structure. It turns out the jars, vases, and other descriptions we have been using are all Canopic jars, holding parts of the remains of the dead. Lt. Riggi is postulating a theory that we may be seeing the marrying of two religions into one. Human belief of a physical life after death, and the Bajoran banish Celestial beings returning to the living. These two working in concert could have some catastrophic influence if they are right.
I have led a mission to the Pyramid, where we barely escaped the crocodiles and snake traps. Inside may be what appears to be a red orb of Bajor. More to follow. The Hawk headed guards are arriving to escort us under guard back to the palace.

Captain Carson Sesgaard
Commanding Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

XO report: Unavailable

NRPG: In the past, which is the future for the away team of Cromwell, but the past for the crew that remain on Cromwell are the Cadets taking the practical finals for their first year. (How’s that for a timelord, huh!?) Tas and Paige, and the other four in their gorup, the Delta Six, have found themselves with a Prion infection, their instructor down with advanced disease, adn the ship ready to fall into a gas giant. As if this isn’t bad enough, they have to make sure the DFA Yeager, the ship transporting the cadets to the test site, does not make it back to Chetzia and infect the plaet as well. If they only knew where the crew of the derelict ship went…. This is a series of posts for cadets at the academy while we wait for Cromwell’s away team to arrive back in the future. My high volume players are posting here as well as on RAK. These academy posts are even interesting me to see how the cadets get out of this mess.

Player(s) of the month:

Miriah (Ens Pania) with her playful encounter at the fountain, and involvement of many mission benchmarks

Liv (Ens Dribu) interacting with Six. See the QOTM, Well done!

Post(s) of the month:

2417.09.03.01 RAK Dribu “You’ve got to be kitten me!”

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) :

When asked why not join the collective by Six, “Because NO, that’s why! I like being an individual. My life is mine, you incompetent blue and black pool noodle! I worked very hard to keep it.”
Bu put her hands on her temples. “You can help me find them. Otherwise, get lost. Please.”

–Liv as ens. Dribu

“Them. Her. It. UGH!”

–Liv as ens. Dribu

Cully chose to sit back and listen to this part of the conversation, it had always been her feeling that each and every being of any kind, deserved life, even spiders and Borg.

–Nel as Cully, nominated by Jason.

‘Well, hummus where the heart is!’ : Lucie, nominated by Devon, a new pun based on relevant conversations, wow.

El moved away from the water but was still transfixed by it, as if her mind and the river were one; calm, quiet, infested.

–Lucie, nominated by Mariah

Title(s) of the month:

Dribu (Liv) “You’ve got to be kitten me!”

EL (Lucie) Just about any of Lucie’s titles, each of which reminded us of her characters name (eg, 2417.09.04.01 RAK El “EL that is gold does not glitter” and nominated for 2417.09.10.01 RAK El “The fELowship of stea-ling”)

Tas (Tabitha) 2417.09.20.04 BXCR Tas “Together we stand.. now let’s split up..”

Cully (Nel) “Crocs to the right of them Crocs to the left, into the valley of death rode the four or Advance to the rear. ”

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