DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for November 2015

The Marines and a select away team beam down to a romulan secret base, and find…Zombies, made up of Romulans and Galdalorians. The team split up to find Cromwell’s XO. They found her locked in a cage with a creepy romulan child who told Nevala the Romulans had experimented on her… and him. It seems she holds a vulcan father’s Katra in her brain. All the others ‘died, but did not die.’ Nevala, tr’Mori and the creepy girl, if the story is true, locked themselves in the cage, to protect themselves from the creatures that now roam the hidden complex.

tr’Mori is dead, having been pulled through the bars and eaten. Unfortunately, he had the key to the cage. Somewhere in the stomach of a zombie is the key to get them out. Banor, Michael and Janos ‘rescue’ Nevala, by blowing up the lock but are now cut off from the main team, and they have just destroyed the locks on the cage that could have protected them from the zombies, in order to get Nevala and the girl out.

The creatures attack the other half of the team around the same time, and drag one Marine off into their midst. Following Major Reynolds orders, the rest retreat to the elevator, and then to the surface to get reinforcements. A second Marine is bitten in the calf, but don’t worry. He is fine, once they got the bleeding under control. With the elevator up top again, they find out Cromwell cannot assist them due to multiple malfunctions. They also just trapped Major Reynolds team down with the creatures they themselves, only just escaped.

Aboard Cromwell, everything is falling apart and Sesgaard and T’Thel are left to try and sort it out. The pool has flooded the deck (Whose idea was it to put the main computers on the same deck as the pool!?) JInx and T’Thel had set a trap for suspected saboteurs. They caught… nothing, and parts continue to break. It is becoming evident that the same parts are breaking even if they are replaced with quality control checked replicated parts.

Cromwell continues to be plagued by Machinery gremlins. These technical problems are carrying through to items off Cromwell. A PTB of the Marines broke, The fighters and shuttles backing up the away team have crashed and now transporters are down until they can be determined safe for use.

The away team is trapped on the surface. Cromwell informs them there are multiple biosignatures heading their direction. The flight crew of Red, Ginger and a very large, but hopefully friendly cat/doctor are moving to escape their own creatures pursuing them.

They may not be fast, but they are relentless once they catch your scent, so says the doctor. Whoa be to the wounded who are slowed. And Ginger is in serious condition, cradled in the big cat’s arms.

Stay tuned.

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