DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for May 2017

Promotions have come through for Lt (jg) Shauli, 1st Lt Rose Petalosa and Lt (jg) Riggi. Well deserved.

On a more exciting note, the party was a great success and at various times, most of the crew joined in. There was more music played than we normally see, and the variety was wider than usual. It is is in the great tradition of the DFA.

I took some time for myself, as the rest of the crew were goes to work off some aggregation, and Banor came in and defeated the enemy without me having lifting a finger. I learned a different lesson than I had set out to do.
Commander Jinx has assigned Shaouli to Beta shift supervisor and bridge training. As captain, I took advantage of the assignment to challenge Lts Martis and Shaouli to an intellectual game. Crewman Wells was fastest off the line. I may have to send her to OCS at this rate. Bridge Practice for Lts Shaouli and Martis involved a comet, the challenge, not a physical or tactical one. The basic question of because we can, should we do something? Both Martis and Shouli did well. Sometimes it is not necessary to do anything, but await the right time to do so.

There is a report of a cat on board Cromwell, answers to Alponse. We’ll see what this portends for CRMB.

Cromwell recieved a distress call from Starfleet regarding Phoenix. Ship went to yellow alert and set course for Phoenix at maximum warp. Phoenix station is missing, which means commander Tule is missing as well. I had timed it back to Phoenix to get Tule placed on Pheonix before she disappeared, hopefully Pheonix would not disappear this time. I have made senior staff aware of my actions, but the crew in general does not. We will be able to concentrate on rescue effort instead this time.

Captain’s log, supplemental. Events are changing. Things I knew from last time Cromwell came to Phoenix’s rescue in a time loop, are no longer occurring. Something has changed this time. This event is as new to me now as it is the crew who would think they sre seeing this the first time. We are taking aboard refugees as Starfleet ships leave. Cromwell is staying behind to begin some investigations. Of concern, Banor is missing. Sensors are recording he is aboard, but not where.

Captain’s Log Supplemental: We have brought aboard a Gorn bounty hunter, and two Starfleet ensigns. This is new, and has not happened before. I don’t recall them. I am going to ask Starfleet to allow us to keep them aboard for a while while we question them. Maybe they know something I do not. I am in uncharted territory. I will need the steadiness of my crew to get us to the other side of this catastrophic event.

Captain Carson Sesgaard
Commanding Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

XO report: We had a fairly quiet start to this month, as our various crew members returned from several places. Each seemingly had their own problems to deal with, although it turned out that they were all connected, with the Galdalorians, the Dolamin, and the Magdalori, all beginning life on Magdalor. Hopefully, they will be able to use this newly rediscovered connection to form a lasting bond and bring stability to their sector of space.

The latter half of the month has been a bit hectic. An anomaly has swallowed Starbase Phoenix, and we have rushed to the site to help evacuate the crew and civilians. Operations there are ongoing, although we’ve not seen Cromwell this crowded in years.

Lieutenant Commander Geran Jinx
Executive Officer, DFA Cromwell-B
played by Barry

I would like to use my executive privilege to thank Piper (Banor) for his many years of service to BL.

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