DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for March 2016

Cromwell is escorted through Federation space to the Romulan empire. Captain Sesgaard receives a message with veiled warnings, which is interpreted at preparations for war. These claims are immediately dismissed by the senior Staff when Carson overstates the the case by calling it war. The crew seems to have difficulty dealing with a pessimistic Carson.

Maria Reynolds, the ships JAG, resigned and returned to Earth.

Emgamwini may be having second thoughts about joining Cromwell as he finds himself being drawn into the intrigue that is Romulus.

Through careful analysis, the DFA Command message that Admiral Grey sent proves to be a deception. While a message had been sent, it took two days too long to reach Cromwell, just as they were reaching the border. Sesgaard made some aggressive maneuvers with the ship prior to Cromwell entering Romulan space. Then it is discovered the message was doctored to appear to convey nearly the opposite intent. Who doctored the message? It had to come from someone within DFA Command.

Sesgaard was prepared to send the senior staff to S’Task for the dinner, and remain behind. The crew talked him out of it; despite his better judgement, the captain went along. Perhaps it would have been better if he had not gone, or perhaps it would have precipitated something worse? The Romulans assumed he would join despite the RSVP listing specific individuals. And then they had, in turn, changed up the pairings of officers. What are the Romulans up to?

Captain Sesgaard warns Lt. Martis, not to interfere with any attempts to defect by Major Reynolds or Arrian t’Kheall. Riov t’Pal tests Major Reynolds with the beautiful Trael, and questions Arrian t’Kheall herself, about returning to RSE space and service. Perhaps the two captains are closer in thought than either cares to imagine or admit?

Major Reynolds charms the young Cadet Khara. Lt Martis, once again chief of security, is confronted with a legionnaire. Jinx however comes face to face with Starfleet. Banor exchanges facts and debates context with S’Tasks operations officer. Nevala is delicately questioned by the Riov.

Meanwhile on Cromwell, T’Thel stumbles in her pursuit of a relationship, but is assisted by the flight leader…Did she manage to smooth things over? The Kzinti ‘doctor’ is struggling to understand the freedoms of the DFA.

The crew is currently touring the S’Task as reciprocal hospitality requires. So far nothing untold has occurred. But dinner is about to commence…


The last two weeks of March posting came to a stand still as everyone departed for vacation, Spring break, or just a short rest. Hopefully as April begins, the posts will once again pick up.

Player(s) of the month

Barry, for figuring out the clue from DFA command and that it was a deception. The entire crew had access to the message sent (Over the course of several days as the posts discussion continued in character), and everyone had (an appropriate level) of suspicion, but Barry dug deeper.

Post(s) of the month

Senior Staff meeting discussing going to war with the Romulans. Everyone contributed, and a few questions were asked and some were answered. Everyones contributions were noted and appreciated. Just as Dinner last month was a good collaborative effort, this months staff meeting proved equally interesting, confrontational and enjoyable to debate among ourselves.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM)

“Are you pregnant?” (Lt. Martis to Arrian t’Kheall)

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