DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for June 2017

Cromwell was pleased to host Admiral Tony Dark, leader of the rebellion and the reason Cromwell exists. He was invited, supposedly, to talk at the memorial for Phoenix as the first commander there, but the crew, becoming as devious as her captain, brought him aboard to have Admiral Dark promote the captain to Fleet captain (Admiral), catching Sesgaard totally off guard. Yes, truly, you all succeeded. 🙂

The crew spent some time ruminating on the demise of Starbase Phoenix, and the loss of Commander MarQ. His disappearance is a mystery, and the captain has assigned the top crew to investigate the how’s and why’s. Ensign Bakar, Major Reynolds and Lt Shaouli are involved. Captain Sesgaard and Lt Shaouli spend some time coming to terms with the sudden changes.

Cromwell has brought two new Starfleet officers aboard. Ensigns Baker, who will be serving as Starfleet Liaison and Intelligence, will be working with Major Reynolds, and Ensign Dribu of Veterinary Sciences on the science department, who will be a Starfleet Exchange officer. Ensign Dribu promises no spiders for her roommate Dr Adair Lovett. Anyone notice no one mentioned bed bugs? Poor Palchar is again requested to have more medical testing…I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else’s character so thoroughly gone over. The character must be a good looking lad.

With the changing crew compliment, adjustments were made in the departments, with promotions to head of Department for Dr Adair-Lovett as CMO and Lt. T’Thel in Engineering as COE.

Some of the crew head to a Medical and Counselor’s conference on Horizon including Fleet Captain (Admiral) Sesgaard, Bob and Mary and Lini for catering, Rose and Darros. Maybe Horizon’s report will hint at what ever shenanigans they get up to over there.

Hope Tanner and her cameraman Max from Galactic News Networks have arrived on Cromwell, to be embedded with Cromwell, given her reputation for “being in the thick of things.” Will they find exciting action or will the hype exceed the more mundane day to day operations?

In addition to the investigation of the missing person, the Cromwell will be starting a new mission this month. Hopefully we can pick up our low volume writers and find something interesting for them to participate in, suggestions are welcome.

Quote of the Month (QOTM)
“I have two pangolins, a female named Beatra, and a male named Richi.” her face fell. “Pangolins are an endangered species, and I purchased them in hopes that they might…er, reproduce. ”

She shook her head. “No such luck. Richi does not appear to be interested in females. As of now they are platonic roommates.”

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