DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for July 2017

Captain’s Personal Log: The rumors of a missing civilization revolve around a planet known as Rub al’Kali, or RAK as we have begun calling it. It took a while to get the crew assembled for joining the search, although Lt Janos Riggi was energetic in getting the crew ready to go. Given the deserted nature of the planet, the system, and well, even the sector, I have decided to allow our new cadet to come along with the away team. I even managed to interest Dr Braun in visiting the planet. We have a large contingent of interested explorers. Hoping that Lt Shaouli’s exposure to logistics and Lt Petalosa’s freedom in shuttle organization improves their skills for command.

Captain’s personal log, supplemental: Okay, the planet is not desolate. Riggi managed to stumble upon a pyramid, all of four feet tall. Then we were ambushed by Borg. Having fought them off, I think they are considering their options, as they have not renewed their attacks. We caught a flash of light at the end of the battle, Possibly the Borg ship? I am apprehensive as Cromwell has not re-contacted us. Could it be Cromwell that blew up? Maybe both are lost? We may be stranded.

Captain’s Log: Engaged Borg. Losses: Ensign Foster. 2LT Cassie “Subatomic Particles” Marshak. Civilian Pilot Darros was injected, but has not been assimilated…yet. Marine Drop ship currently stuck in a collapse of stone. Shuttle 2 destroyed by Borg Orbital bombardment. Shuttle Three is our only operational shuttle. The weather is picking up, as is the atmospheric magnetic interference, grounding our last shuttle. Borg are advancing on our position again.

Captain’s log, supplemental: We have captured a Borg, or she surrendered. I really can’t say what happened during that combat during the storm. She may be damaged, and obviously still potentially dangerous. There was one borg fighting another, so perhaps they are having internal problems as well. Six of Twelve is wanting to find out why we are willing to resist. This may be an opportunity to find out what is wrong with the borg, show the borg why the DFA can and will continue to resist them successfully.

Captain’s Log, Final supplemental: The away teams rode out the storm in caverns under the sand, we awake to find ourselves in a new world. I know not where. I know not when.

Captain Carson Sesgaard
Commanding Officer
DFA Cromwell-B

XO report: Unavailable

NRPG: It was a long journey for Six and the Cromwell crew, but we have all finally arrived at the same place and the same time. Six is temporarily part of the Cromwell crew, and we are her new collective. Where this leads is yet to be written. Where we are, is unknown, but it looks like Cromwell has discovered the lost civilization of Rub al’Kali. The crew is now faced with figuring out where and when we are. This will be the beginning of a long story arc. For the players, a hint. Find out where and when we are, it may help with the why as we interact with a surprising “lost civilization”.

Player(s) of the month: Our New Players! Joining Cromwell can be intimidating given our rate of posting. (100 + emails anyone?) All have handled it well, and as some of our players become more comfortable some of you vets may need to watch your backs, this new crew are good crew! So Congratulations Tabitha, Liv, Paul, and I am going to include Nel and Mariah in this group.

Post(s) of the month: Jiri followed Lt. Shaouli’s gesture. To not see a member of her own species for so long, and then to find one assimilated… Jiri could not truly understand the depth of the Brenari’s grief. And yet, the living Borg woman who was once human also deserved compassion. What might have happened to Jiri seven years ago, if the DFA had not become her sanctuary? The cadet spoke up. “Captain, obviously we must take every possible precaution. But I feel that destroying her after she has surrendered would not represent the values of the Delta Freedom Alliance.” Jiri cast her eyes to the sand uncomfortably and quoted from the articles of alliance. “…affirming the fundamental rights, dignity, and worth of every intelligent life-form.” Miriah, nominated by Amanda

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM):

She stood at the entrance to the evac tent, watching the flaps lifting up and down in the breeze, it was an odd feeling, so calm and yet, she knew what that meant. “There was no storm wi out a calm” Nel as Dr Adair-Lovett. Great foreshadowing of what was to come.
“I’m fine.” He insisted. Once Rose seemed have calmed he let her go. “Ish,” Thorn countered, her eyes locked onto the tubules. “You look like a milkshake for two.”(Thorn speaking of Darros with two severed Borg assimilation tubules hanging from his neck) Jason, nominated by Sam
“Way too many Borg feet appeared in Jiri’s sights, like the black limbs of a gigantic centipede.” Miriah on Borg advancing in a column on the away team.
“Please state the nature of the reality rending emergency.” Mark’s Science Hologram, nominated by Mariah
“We know how to assimilate it and we know how to destroy it however we do not know how to ingest it.” … “That was an unpleasant experience.” Six commented. Apparently ‘thank you’ is not present in Borg vocabulary. Six of Twelve trying a protein bar for the first time. Tabitha

Title(s) of the month:

2417.07.21.01 RAK 2d Yama “Potential Borgs don’t get a safe word” Miriah

2417.07.31.01 RAK Shaouli “Night night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed Borgs bite.” Amanda

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