DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for January 2017

We had a surprise wedding in the middle of the night. Major Michael Reynolds and Arrian Nevala t’Kheall were handcuffed together for life in the Romulan tradition in the middle of the night before they were to go on an away mission. The Ceremony was completed by Captain Sesgaard in the first act of the kind aboard Cromwell under his command. They were attended by Vedek Wishi, Lt Martis, and Baby Mike attended as a sleepy baby on the couch. As was commented afterwards, finally a wedding on the Love Boat, and Carson’s first wedding he presided over.

The zombie Away Team returned to Eridi III, and immediately went missing in action, although it took a while to figure that out. The away team transported unknown distance and time, to end up immediately in a firefight on the far side of transport. Tosk was killed, and Major Reynolds and Dr Shran were executed. Except they weren’t, because of an air raid by the enemy. Tosk was actually being attended by Dr Shran, and Michael was being questioned. The Dolamin Soldiers were profession, courteous, although their execution of potential prisoners bothered some of the team. The introductions were interrupted by a drone strike by the Dolamin’s enemies. The Dolamin in the process, was able to shoot down a Drone Carrier. They team was taken with the security forces, and began to explore the downed carrier. Thorn found the Drones curious, and likened them to the V1 buzz bombs of Earth’s World War II, and passed the information on to Major Reynolds in a cleverly coded message through Janos, the team’s recorder. Meanwhile Tosk, a pair of Dolamin and even unarmed Reynolds and t’Kheall were able to capture the carriers drone pilot command center. Tosk literally disarmed one of the pilots working on a console. There, they discover, Thorn had thwarted the arming of a drone for self destruction. It may be the Dolamin are telling the truth that their enemies are deceitful, dangerous, technologically advanced over the Dolamin, and do not willingly give up. The drone strikes on Dolamin, which seem to have been long standing, bring a common enemy to both Dolamin and now the away team. The drones do not differentiate the DFA contingent from Dolamin. As the Dolamin put it, in war, everyone is a soldier. The away team is still under guard, but slowly things are loosening up. The Dolamin seem competent fighters, but they may be lacking in the technology department. Will the away team help them? Can they help them? Would it be alright to help them if their own lives were in danger? When word finally came from Eridi III of the away team disappearance, Captain Sesgaard went to relay this information to Rose Petalosa’s sister, Lini.

On Magdalor, terrorist attacks on universities continue with a second attack. The Magdalor are feeling like they are always at war. If Dr Hathbom is right, there may have to be more steps taken to secure locations, and yet the terrorists still mange to get past the defenses. The Terrorists are clever and determined. But so are the Magdalori. A second away team was sent away team to rescue Dr. Hathbom, the criminal psychologist, and conspiracy theorist of Magdalor. In preparing for the mission, the Cromwell crew, mainly Liaxi Yen and Ens. Shouli, with Lini, discover the Magdalorians are empathic, as well as accomplished liars, at least from a distance. Up close, they cannot lie, because others would immediately recognize this, and others cannot lie to them as they get ‘confusing signals’ where words and emotions do not match. Lini’s attempts to lie confused the Magdalori sufficiently, they remain guarded. However, they do not seem to have recognition of their innate ability, but accept it as another normal action such as walking or breathing. They do not seem to have been able to proactively utilize the skill. This proved useful to know as Ensign Shouli and Lini were exploring Rose Wall, a supposed location of an alien crash site, and were able to figure out how to slip through a door that phases into being when the workers show up. Unfortunately, that made a second away team ‘disappear’ from Cromwell’s overwatch. Lini and Shaouli now find themselves in an immense warehouse, isolated away from Cromwell and her transporters and communications.

Captain Sesgaard turned to Commander MarQ for answers. Banor was working with Chief Investigator Navarro, and helped uncover the Magdalori empathic abilities. And, despite a misstep diplomatically, the Magdalori are desperate enough for help with the terrorists that continue to attack various sites on Magdalor, the Inspector and Commander MarQ were able to work out Dr Hathbom’s coded messages to like minded conspiracy theorists. Would it lead them to the next target? Will it help in the rescue and recovery of Ens Shouli and Lini, and maybe even Dr Hathbom himself?

Out of sight, but not out of mind, Lt (jg) T’Thel attempted her Bridge officer training, and failed spectacularly. The testing was immediately cut short by the captain, but allowed for retesting when she felt she was ready. This time, the captain put her in the holodeck back on planet Vulcan, and also brought in her friend and pilot Darros into the test. No one questions T’Thels engineering abilities, but will she figure out Sesgaard’s challenge to become a bridge officer and a leader? With the holodeck safeties disengaged by the captain, and no one checking on the pair, another two crewmen from Cromwell effectively disappear. Will they too disappear or just get drunk on Vulcan brandy?

A new engineer was also challenged. Ensign t’Nal was offered a puzzle by Chief Engineer Jinx from his holographic lab, and she responded admirably. She was rewarded with a PTB (Personal Transport Buffer). t’Nal will be another good addition to the already strong engineering department. She is currently meeting the quirky department chief, crew and officers.

With several ongoing mysteries, it will be up to the Cromwell crew to untangle the problems, and devise a solution, each to their own unique quandary. The strength of working together will have to be limited to each isolated group.


We may have just found our secret weapon for solving these problems, or potentially a new problem to further drive us towards the abyss. Kevin Braun, long listed as MIA, has suddenly reappeared at our 11th hour, having traveled forward to the future, landing here, in this time. Why now? Why here? We will have to wait to see.

XO’s log:

Cromwell is quiet this month, with a load of the marines on Eridi III, the Eridi away team is ancestors know where, and yet another team on Magdalori, investigating the ‘alien menace’.

Michael and t’Khaell, freshly married if scuttlebutt is to be believed, are both part of the Eridi III mission, which means there is a newborn on Cromwell, without either of his parents. We hope Eric is up to the task. Along with Michael and t’Khaell, we’re missing Janos, Emma, Thorn, and Tosk. We can only hope that they make it back safely.

It might be a good thing that we’re missing Thorn, or Rose as she is actually called, since we’re also missing her sister, Lini. Well, sister, or clone, or something along those lines. Either way, Lini is on the planet below us, Magdalor, along with one of our more recent additions to the crew, Ensign Shouli, and they have both disappeared too. Fortunately, Shouli seems have a level head on her shoulders, so I’m hopeful that they will be ok. They were working with Commander MarQ and one of the natives, Navarro, so they may be able to give a guess as to what happened.

T’Thel is still missing the point about the DFA and what we stand for, but we’re hopeful that she will figure it out. The Captain has her going through some kind of simulation, but for some reason, he won’t share the details with us.

We’re a little annoyed with the Captain right now. We were looking forward to getting to know our new Doctor, Adair Lovett, better. She struck us as the type that would enjoy a warpcore whiskey, so were going to invite her to join Michael and us for a drink, but no. Carson had to go and put her on the night shift. Well, hopefully our paths will cross again someday.

Finally, we have a(nother) new engineer on board who is quite promising. t’Nal took the lizards in stride, appreciates the PTB, and likes to tinker. We expect to have much fun with her.

Oh, and in other news, Bob says his new blend is growing nicely in hydroponics, so pretty soon Cromwell will have not only it’s own brand of whiskey, but also it’s own blend of coffee.

Player(s) of the month:

Jason. Who managed to separate both Rose from the Eridi III away team, and Lini, from the Magdalori away team. And for puzzling out several problems this month set forth by the GM. Well played!

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) :

“I don’t speak in the figurative. Your ambassador (Tosk the Gorn-Barry) bit the head off my soldier.” said Gorlan Haddrick. “You asked to speak to me?”

Not far behind the Major, Thorn gagged. She had been hungry, but the mental image of Tosk gummy-bearing a soldier took care of that. Jason as Rose Petalosa.

Michael looked around, then lifted his rifle, activating his tricorder. He spelled out ‘Emma?’ and showed it to the group. Tosk looked at the tricorder, then shook his head at the Major. “Tosk,” he mouthed slowly, tapping himself in the chest with his free hand. Michael: {face palm}. Barry as Tosk

Title of the month:

2417.01.16.01 MarQ “Open mouth, insert boot, chew vigorously” Piper nominated by Barry.

Honorable Mention: 2417.01.25.01 Tosk “Don’t Mind ‘im, He’s ‘Armless” Barry

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