DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for December 2016

Cadet Ensign Shaouli led an away team to the Planet Magdalor. Dr Hathbom, and Lini went with her to find the caterers who are suspects in the explosion at the Warp Theory Institute. The team immediately fell apart with them scattering and being pulled out individually by transporter. We were able to get Lini at the last minute. I fear this will lead a bad impression on the team, and I am reluctantly resetting them to try again. This time I will have Commander MarQ helping with Intel. We still have one man missing, a local doctor, Dr Hathbom, a criminal psychologist who is also a conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, it seems a lot of his theories are true, and proving embarrassing to the Magdalorians. The Magdalorians are becoming quiet again, although the contacts we have made remain helpful an open, Chief Inspector Navarro foremost among them.

This last month had its share of aborted and error ridden away team missions. On Eridi III, Major Reynolds and his team of Lt. Petalosa, Dr. Shran, Ensign Riggi crashed Jinx’s shuttle. The systems seem to have blown when there was an unexpected power surge at some ancient monument. Janos Riggi says it’s a Stone Henge. DFA Exeter was on scene and able to beam the crew out of danger, and later get engineers to tow the shuttle in for repairs. I think with the experience behind them, they will be much more successful in their next attempt to explore where the zombies are coming from, which seems to be near this Stone Henge. I do have to say, as a team, Michael, Shran, Petalosa and Riggi seemed to work. Tosk, however, is a loose cannon, both figuratively and literally.

On a much brighter note, we were able to recall the crew to the ship for holidays, even though we could not grant extended leave for anyone given the immediacy for the missions to commence at the beginning of the new year.

Cadet Ensign Shaouli was promoted to Ensign. Despite what she may think about the initial mishaps on her away team, I have confidence that things will work out better in the new year. I cannot be hypocritical, I would not have made it past Lt. if one bad away mission determined your career. And as Michael is fond of saying, the Galaxy is a dangerous place.
On that note, we also received a Christmas Miracle. Arrian t’Kheall returned, and with a baby. I am working with Romulan authorities, delicately right now, in order to determine what status she can have. It is delicate right now, since all I have been doing has been in the hypothetical realm. Side note, it is nice to see Michael not moping around anymore. I was going to shake that boy up after the New Year; now I don’t, much relieved.

With the new year brings our new mid year replacements. t’Nal has joined engineering. I think this will help t’Thel. First, we have two vulcans working together in engineering, although I hear t’Nal is mixed with Bajoran, so I am not sure whether to introduce her to Lt Martis first or t’Thel. Knowing Jinx, he’ll probably meet t’Nal first anyways. I am looking forward to meeting her myself. I am also going to try and get T’Thel her bridge officer training. Should be a simple thing for a Vulcan to pass.

Also, we have finally manage to get a full complement of physicians on board, if you include Dr. Shran and EMH1. Dr Adair-Lovett arrived, and has, what I think, may be a firey personality, but that may be the scotch talking. Jinx of course, plied her with Warp Core whiskey at the Christmas party. I will have to set up a meeting with the Doctor after the New Year.

Commander MarQ has been busy with his personal Krenim contacts, and I expect his return after the New Year as well.

On the Civilian side, Bob and Mary have been most helpful with Lini while Thorn was off ship. I am going to have to rely on them and Ms Yen when I again send Thorn to Eridi III.

Santa showed up again this year. I had concerns it would not happen, but the Christmas program did not fail to impress yet again. Shaouli shined with her knowledge of the time period, recognizing the host and hostesses, as well as puzzling through a minor mystery one of our hosts tossed at us. All our new crewmembers received a Ficus plant at Christmas. I must be getting old, I may be one of the few crew who remembers Dr. Oglethorpe, who disguised his biosignature as a ficus plant when the Borg invaded the ship, generating this tradition. As it is, that was even before I arrived as a mere ensign. I think Banor and Martis may be the only two left who were actually present. I may be able to include Dr. Oglethorpe as he is still in cryogentic suspension in the science department though.

But Cromwell is not about the past, traditions aside. I must say, I am looking forward to the adventures this coming year.

“Na’ Fa-Ga” Forward to Tomorrow. (*Vulcan)
Captain Carson Sesgaard, Commanding, DFA Cromwell-B.


We lost one player, but gained two fabulous new players, really looking forward to playing with them. And two transfer players from other DSs, I am greatful to have their expertise aboard. The two new groups (new players, and transfer players) has shown me something, that it is more than just learning how Borderlands works, but also in the culture of the Duty Station. Transfer players know the protocols, but still need the history, and new players are immersed in both. I see it may take six months to build enough of a character history to feel part of the duty station, for both groups. Which is why I am working on ‘Traditions’ of Cromwell, not a hazing but a way to bring players in and become part of the family.

Cromwell is fortunate to have quality writers, from our newest players to our long term veterans. It is not something I can teach, and they have it.

I am looking forward to the 2417 year on Cromwell.

Player(s) of the month

Amanda for as a cadet handling Away teams, Death, kidnappings, civilians…and a Christmas Party. And she handled it like a veteran! Well done!

Title of the month:

2416.11.30.03 ERD3 Janos “How do you dress a Hologram? Use a ZIP file.”, nominated by Barry

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