DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for December 2015

Crew rescued from a sea of Zombies on Eridi III. And then the Christmas program began on Cromwell… except for a few errors. Such as it was on the beach, with lighted Palm trees, Rastafarian Half sized elves and roasted holographic Lizards…which taste amazingly like holograpchic chicken. But everyone seemed to have a good time. Santa paid a visit, being pulled in a red boat by eight tiny red jet skis. Presents were distributed.

We had a Starfleet visitor for our party, thank you for an entertaining visit Darros. And thanks for the Jacket. 😉

There is a message awaiting Carson Sesgaard from DFA Command… What does the new year portend for Cromwell?

Player (s) of the month: Heather: As Emma as one of her first Christmases and her interaction with Santa both belief and disbelief… and as T’Thel the surfing Vulcan. She brought in a guest appearance by Sam, always welcomed aboard Cromwell, as fighter pilot Darros, and got Carson and Darros involved in a bet.

Post(s) of the month: Anyone contributing to the Christmas Posting deserves mention here. Lots of brilliant vignettes in there.

Quotes of the month: I would nominate Heather, but it would have to be for a typo, regarding a discretely placed microcontroller.

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