DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for August

Cromwell is returning to Chetzia, home of the DFA Academy. There, Commander Reynolds will gather together a new class of cadets for their cadet cruise. But first, we said goodbye to a number of our previous cadets, some of which moved to other Duty Stations. Ariana is off to Hope One Dyson Sphere and Covaar is off to the Discovery. Both Officers are expected and hoped to be good examples of DFA officers as they perform their exchange officer duties.

Jinx, Cromwell’s chief engineer, is set to provide a lecture at the DFA engineering symposium, So Far, only the Ferengi have responded to the open invitation to attend. But as most expect, the Ferengi are more likely interested in the “Black Market”, where engineers exchange and buy and sell ideas in the back rooms of the conference.

There is a growing suspicion within the DFA, and the Cromwell crew specifically, of treason with DFA Commanders maneuvering to position the DFA into a position where they can be absorbed peacefully into Starfleet. Given Phoenix’s recent overt conflicts between Starfleet and the DFA, and suprisingly strong support of the Romulan position on returning the slave Lolani, it does not seem out of the realm of possibility. Intelligence officer Banor is assisting Jinx in this investigation.

A case of Sudden inspiration or cold feet? The First officer is taking some personal time to return to ch’Rihan to perform some investigations of her own. So far foiled, Nevala is nothing if persistant. Or is it difficulty considering Michael’s offer of marriage?

Borderlands NRPG: Cromwell threw a party, everyone was invited and no one came. 🙁
The engineering symposium is actually open to anyone who wishes to play on Cromwell for a brief period of time of the conference. We would love to have your characters interacting with us, hearing your engineering exploits, the problems and tribulations of your duty stations and how you view the DFA. At this point we would even be happy for a couple of leering Romulans! If time permits, we would love to have you over to the DFA Academy for a lecture or two, and some interesting back channel talks between factions! Bring your weapons, challenge my Security and Marine detail security planning team. Smuggle items in and ideas out, and earn rewards! The original invite will be reissued to the council for distribution to players. The intent is to allow characters to act outside of their own DS timeline to attend, effectively playing two sites for the month of September. We hope players have enough personal time to throw a few posts in with us!

Player of the month: Jinx/Barry.
Whose suspicion of DFA Admirals, as well as his conference idea derailed my original plot but has made the Cromwell storyline that much richer. As it works out, it will actually segway back into my original plot with a much greater depth than originally planned. Jinx, you didn’t confound anything, you’ve made it better.

Post of the month: 2415.08.10.01 CRMB Jinx “Guess who’s back”.
This actually goes to both Heather and Barry for bringing back Emma Shran, our Holographic Doctor, and Carson’s most obstinate “crewman”. We are glad to see Emma, and a temporary starfleet engineer transfer from Heather!

Quote of the month: Maria/Charlotte
“You’ll be the mother hen gathering the chicks to come to Cromwell.” said Carson smiling. (Speaking of gathering the cadets)
“What would be another option?” Maria asked
“It could be worse, you could be in a shuttle between Jinx and Commander MarQ.” Sesgaard said, letting the thought sink in.
“On my way to the academy” Maria said.

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