DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for August 2016

Captain Sesgaard did not leave the Cromwell, and crew in an easy defensive position. In a negotiation, Carson allowed S’Task’s Legions to take control of Cromwell, but allowed Jinx, MarQ and Martis to leave defenses in place. tr’Saren, in command of the S’Task would send a ‘show of occupation’ force over to Cromwell. The plan was then to have Crowmell’s crew assist in what ever mission S’Task was going to undertake to assist their Riov. But the mission instead was one of patient waiting. It is discovered DFA officers are not very proficient at that.

t’Pal is named khre’Riov in charge of the 6th swarm, the very fleet moving into position for a pre-emptive strike on the DFA. Carson moves to recover Cromwell, and Jinx’s Defenses are activated, first putting the Legionnaires into the cargo hold and then asleep. While sleeping they are transported to S’Task along with their weapons. t’Pal returns to S’Task and calls Cromwell and says they are ready to leave in 30 minutes. A sudden change in action after a week of non-action? Carson, concerned they are moving Cromwell away from Romulus in conjunction with the beginning of the attack on the DFA, thereby preventing Cromwell from undermining any military productions/logistics over ch’Rihan gets Cromwell immediately on the move. Captain Sesgaard decides diplomacy has failed and decides discretion is the better part of valor and it is best to get the crew out of there and back home before he can lose his ship for a second time.

Cromwell’s daring escape maneuver through the upper atmosphere is taken as aggressive action by the Romulans spiraling diplomacy out of contention. Cromwell, with it’s small silhouette, is able to cut through on a shorter inside track to escape on the far side of the planet from a pursuing S’Task. Cromwell escapes to the B’Tran nebula and meets up with the Warlord, Jinx’s old cohort, and now, Carson’s last ace up his sleeve. Warlord, a station sized ship, under the command of General Elsie Storm, honors the Klingon DFA alliance, and the old ties to Jinx, to help Cromwell. Docking within Warlord, they transwarp to the DQ, and the DFA Territories in an attempt to stop the Romulan attack.

Cromwell is not without her own problems. Two slaves had been brught aboard through various routes. Lini was ‘rescued’, requested to returned, and because of delays, finds it too dangerous to return and stays on Cromwell. Ishana, is aided in an escape, but as Crowmell transwarps out of range of her master, the same tr’Saren who temporarily commanded S’Task, a restraint collar activates, euthanizing her while she sat eating.

Cromwell’s current record for helping slaves is 2 for 4 of getting slaves out so far. It is discovered Lini has an explosive in her femoral artery, which Dr. Shran removes.

Romulans continue with their plans. On the other side of the Galaxy, Cromwell’s soon to be newest cadets have to dodge sneaking cloaked Romulans moving through DFA space. Their report provided the independent confirmation that may have shifted the big five conference to seriously consider rejoining Starfleet. disguising their observatons as ‘local anomalies’ the Cadets are able to continue on to Magdalor, where the cadets Rory and Coop met and the designer of the warp ship, Dr. Grinish, and her captain Fangdalor. They were privileged to see the inaugural flight of the MSS Horizon, the Magdalorians first warp capable ship, bringing the Magdalorians into the Warp Age.

Cromwell Intercepts t’Santern’s flagship, and Carson challenges her to a duel under Romulan custom and law. She abides, but by sending a champion. t’Pal and her officers aboard S’Task also arrive, and Starfleet, as ‘neutral observers’ watch as Carson is almost killed by the dual dagger wielding warrior, who forgot one thing that Carson remembered; “We are different. Not just in what we believe, but where we keep our hearts and livers.” What the legionnaire assumed had been a fatal blow was not, and Carson was able to regain his feet and thrust the sword through the Champion Romulan’s heart.

The Romulan sixth Swarm is splintered, going between t’Pal and t’Santern. Without a cohesive fleet to attack, and with Warlord assisting DFA fleet ships over the Dakkus ship yards, the Romulan attack is called off; t’Santern because of her loss in the duel. Cromwell begins to travel to Babylon, and receives a surprise visitor. tr’Saren from S’Task. It ignites a faint hope in Carson, that people like tr’Saren and Command MarQ, Jinx and t’Khellian may bridge the initial gaps, and perhaps then, people he and t’Pal can meet, and understand each other, and perhaps work together.

NRPG: While it may seem our two new cadets (Welcome Aboard Rory and Coop!) are off on a boring mission, I found it very interesting, and historic. Not many get to see the birth of a new Warp Culture. Their stumbling across the cloaked Romulans also changed some of the major story arc as well, shifting perceptions within DFA command. Not to spoil the surprise, they will be key in the next adventure too. Don’t Worry Cadets, Cromwell is on her way to you (which usually means something has, or is, about to, go horribly wrong!)

Player(s) of the month: Bleu and Amanda: Thrown into a cross over with the two fastest high posting rate Duty stations in Borderlands. They held their own. Keep up the great work!

Post(s) of the month: 2416.08.17.03 CRMB Jinx “2500 years, and they call this civilized” Collaborative efforts from Sam, Jason, and Barry. I think the death of Ishana will have lasting impact on Cromwell.
Honorable Mention: 2416.08.25.07 CRMB Lini: Na Nnharai Ri’hwi. There is humor in serious topics! Jason and Barry

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) : Please nominate someone! Subject line QOTM

Title of the month: 2416.08.12.03 CRMB Ishana “Thou shalt not steal.” Sam, just before he kills off Ishana.

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