DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for April 2017

Lini challenges Darros to show her something new. She may have been flirting, but Darros shows her free diving in a zero G water bubble. After Lini thinking he was drowning her, both walk away, with Darros having shown Lini something new. Repercussions? There are always repercussions. Darros is offered a chance to become certified pilot for Cromwell shuttles, under Lini’s sister tuterage.

The situation on Magdalor has gotten very complicated. It seems the terrorists attacking the Magdalori are the Dolain responding to the Magdalori (Arial) Drone Carriers attacking Dolamin. Major Reynolds surrenders the Dolamin and Commander MarQ halts the hostilities. Ensign Shaouli defuses the Magdalori Atomic Bomb sent to Dolamin, returned by the elite attack Dolamin soldiers to blow up the Mission control center at the space port controlling the Carrier drones sent to Dolamin, and defused with help from Magdalori Scientists, Dolamin Ordinance and Ensign Shouli’s natural aptitude. Banor debriefed the involved crew.

Aboard Cromwell, We discover that the Galdalorians were attacking the DFA Marines, believing the DFA was taking over their planet, which while not true, was easily misconstrued by the DFA actions and lack of communication on Eridi III. We also find the Dolamin have attacked Galdalorians on some of their colony worlds, so Galdalorian technology seems to be springing from captured Dolamin equipment.

As far as I can tell, the three races are interconnected, with the Dolamin being the least empathic, and most warrior like, the Galdalorians being industrious, but limited to sublight ships, and the Magdalori being resourceful and innovative although reclusive. All stem from the same basic stock, and their current reunification discussions may prove beneficial to themselves, and to the DFA. They could potentially bring in seven new planets to the DFA.

Dr Oglethorpe’s comatose corpse disintegrates before Dr Adair-Lovett and the EMH1 can get it returned to the cryogenic capsule. Then, the real Dr. Oglethorpe walked into Sickbay and reported that the discovered the body was a transporter accident. Lt. Braun made his reappearance, evidently Ficus runs in the science veins, and Dr Braun’s biosignature is that of algea. Note to self, must have the bioscanners recalibrated, won’t do to half half the crew be plant people. Dr Braun has been tasked with building a new Intel office. We have made some noisy construction modifications to Cromwell while in orbit over Magdalor. From what I hear, it set off a few nightmares among the crew.

All away teams have been recalled and returned to Cromwell. I am putting in for some R&R time for each of the crew. This Magdalori Mission has been very taxing on all the crew. I think a month of down time is in order.

Darros and Lini have a near hookup, which Darros is challenged to show her something new. Darros succeeds, but not as Lini expected. First they play a sensual game of tag underwater. Then they take off… their breathing apperatus and a swim in the zero Gee pool where they can breath underwater. Lini thought Darros was trying to drown her, and although she figures out what happens, the swimming trip is cut short. Darros later pays a (mistaken) visit to Rose, who warns him away from Lini. The captain asks Darros to become a civilian ferry shuttle pilot for Cromwell for the short term future.

t’Kheal returns to work while Desson continues to babysit baby Mikey. Meetings are set with the crew involved on Eridi III, Dolamin and Magdalor. Culledon has a nostalgic, meeting on the holodeck.

Post Stress nightmares were aboard Cromwell. It is still early after the missions, so the effects may take a bit to resolve. Carson’s Party should help.

Two found a different way to relieve the stress. Ensign Shaouli partook in Commander MarQ’s stress relief program. I will have to check back and see if she is still feeling blue…

Player(s) of the month: Amanda for defusing her third bomb in as many months, this one an atomic bomb, and figuring out the interconnection of the Dolamin and Magdalori. And then her character goes off and becomes all romantic and stuff….and goes and awakens a villian I had sleeping for months to years now. Amanda is always reliable and well written!

Post(s) of the month: 2417.04.28.01 CRMB Shaouli “This is what I fought for.” What better reason on Cromwell (And the DFA) is there to fight, than for love. Amanda and Piper (Ens Shaouli and Cmdr MarQ)
Hon. Mention: 2417.04.21.02 CRMB Lini/Thorn “Reunion” After a long separation, different groups happy to reunite family. Nicely done Jason.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) : Her laser scalpel was out as she carefully sliced into the seam in the metal. The thump-thump of her heart was all she could hear till the metal shifted suddenly as it was released from the shell. Shuddering, she lifted the freed plate off the device and looked inside at the guts. The colorfully evil guts of doom. “We need to survive this so I can kill the @#$ bastards who put this here.” Ensign Shaouli defusing the atomic bomb. Played by Amanda Nominated by Devon

Title(s) of the month: 2417.04.17.05 MarQ “Where is a ping pong table when you need it.” By Piper, nominated by Randy. (Ping Pong as a surrogate for war)
2417.04,28. 04 “Oh Mikey your so fine ” Nel as Culledon Adair-Lovett.

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