DFA Cromwell-B Report – May 2015

Synopsis: Cromwell-B responds to a distress call from a Kazon Scout shuttle.  Lolani, an Orion Slave girl is beamed aboard Cromwell asking for asylum.  She is the sole survivor of the Kazon shuttle, and the property of a Romulan slaver.  The crew is just beginning to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding this remarkable woman and the diplomatic difficulties this girl is presenting to the Cromwell crew.

Upcoming: Sides will be chosen and lines drawn regarding this Orion slave girls disposition.

Quote of the Month: “No self respecting government would ally themselves with Orians.” Nevala replied. “So maybe the Ferengi or Klingons.” 
Nevala t’Kheall, First officer DFA Crowmell B.  
Honorable Mention:  From the NRPG boards…  This close the pheromones were nearly overwhelming. He fought the head rush, and the physiological lust that was chemical, and therefore neither controllable nor his fault.” Michael Reynolds.
I wouldn’t count on that argument saving you. – Nevala t’Kheall, Michael’s main “squeeze”
Post History:  Mar. – 134, Apr. – 339. May – 198
Active Players:  9

Respectfully Submitted
CO  DFA Cromwell-B

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