DFA Cromwell-B Report – Mar. 2015

Synopsis:  Cromwell has sent an away team disguised as local Azarans to locate and bring back Dr Graham, a preeminent researcher who disappeared while doing research on the rapid technology advancements of the Azarans.  The Azarans, a rodent like sentient species has rapidly evolved into the industrial age over a very short time period.
Last month: New City: The Azarans are building a giant city, shaped like a ball.  Commented the away team, it’s a giant space hamster ball!  But slowly the neferious forces are revelaling themselves.  The Pack, as the universal translator had been translating, is now being called the collective.  The priests are formen of the project of New City.  No one has commented how the priests never refer to themselves as individuals, but always in the plural “We are happy you have decided to join the pack.”
Another technologic break through?  The industrialization of Azara has suddenly spawned Transporters?  And Warp Cores?  Has all this a beginning when the Goddess descended  from the stars a couple hundred years ago?  The high prietess, of the goddess,… or a Queen?
In a convergent dialog, Klingons have appeared on Azara.  Brought here bya rouge trader, the Azarans were desperate, and generous with trade offers to acquire dilitium crystals…For new city warp core power?  And why would ‘New City’ need impulse Engines?
Additional members of the away team have had to be beamed back to Cromwell.  An unknown illness seems to be striking them, rendering them unconcious.  t’Kheall, Martis, and now Maria and Covaar have come back.  t’Kheall has partially recovered, as has Maria.  But what is the cause of this malady?
Scattered members of the away team have been summoned (and beamed in by the priests without prior notice) to the high council chamber, which was hidden below a Starships Torpedo.  No one has lifted a hand towards the other, but three worlds may be on a collision course with destiny.
Quote of the Month:  (Understatement of the Month…)

Covaar: He had a feeling they probably didn’t have too much to worry about since Jinx didn’t seem like one to take any real risks.
This talking about the Trill who attempted to out assimilate the Borg.
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CO  DFA Cromwell-B

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