DFA Cromwell B Report – Jan. 2015

Captain’s Log: Cromwell-B is in orbit over Azara, a desert like planet, whose native sentient species, seem to have evolved from the rodent line.  One of the DFA’s lead researchers on the Azarans has gone missing in the City of Warren, and the DFA has dispatched Cromwell to find and recover him. As the Azarans are a pre-warp society, the away team has gone down disguised, while Cromwell monitors overhead.
The Azarans seem friendly, and quite ingenious.  They are making significant technological breakthroughs transforming their society from pre-industrial to industrial.  Steam power, through the use of coal and advanced rigorous water recovery systems is allowing rapid advances, the subject of Dr Graham’s research.
The Crew has befriended a few of the Azarans.  Ensign Who, by fixing the water system for the Inn owners, Lt. Jinx, by expressing an interest in the mechanics of the tractor bus system the Azarans have discovered a use for, and Lt. Sheval by being understanding of the street prophet, have all made positive contacts with the local population.
Azaran society is slowly becoming understandable to the crew.  Trades between individuals are important, as much for the interaction of the trade as for the items value, which seems less important than the trade itself.  Health care is administered by health providers making house calls!   Technology advances seem to be outpacing the concept of maintenance.  Families are important, belonging to a pack helps.
But other items seem out of place.  A lack of knowledge of the poisons Azarans are putting into their bodies from pewter mugs and something called “Dip”, a local tobacco product chewed as a social norm.  The advent of industrialization is pouring coal ash into the air.  Society is only barely moving away from abandoning children to the streets when they cannot be fed.
The world is divided into regions, but there does not seem to be regional conflicts. There seems to be no security teams or law enforcement, not that any serious crimes seems to be being committed.  The Warren Region, nestled in the foothills of a series of mountains, where Dr. Graham has gone missing, is primarily a religious region.  Could the priests and priestesses be the power overseeing the region or could it be the trade guilds?
Warren, the big city of this region, may have been discovered.  It is not next to the Boneyard, where the away team landed to begin their investigation as originally expected, but underneath.  How far underneath is not even known.  To move forward, The away team need to go down.  Following that avenue, they are searching for the tunnels which will take them to the next level.  Maybe they will even locate the rumored new cities being built in the mountains by scores of volunteers arriving from outlying regions.
Meanwhile, on Cromwell, a game of treasure hunt seems to be developing. Are these holographic characters, or neferious beings, attempting to infiltrate and disable the command crew of Cromwell?  This one is too soon to tell.
Post History:  Nov. –  210, Dec. – 145, Jan. – 99
Active Players: 8
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