DFA Cromwell-B Monthly Report for September

Storyline: NRPG: A player says…I am going to a conference to spy on our commanders… And thus was born the second Borderlands all DS conference.

The DFA academy on Chetzia was chosen as the hosting site, and an open invitation was sent out to all DSs and players to join Cromwell as we hosted several interesting engineering presentations. Guest included the chief engineers from Pheonix and Sentinel Station. Eiwan’s Gecko Glove presentation was fun, and Eiwan a fine presenter. A presentation from Scrib, who communicate by smells, was very memorable to all who attended. There was a lively debate about Holograms, sentience, and what it means to be alive. In the process, some minds and opportunities were opened up.

There was more than just the conference going on. Hologram discussions caused a hologram to be sent with Eiwan to Sentinel Station, while two others were kidnapped by the Ferengi Trader. Maria, was put in charge of gathering the cadets who will be joining Cromwell for the next few months. Poor Maria had to literally herd cats (well, a caitian at least), locate a Popsicle of a Vaadwuar, bring a Vedek back to reality and try and keep an overly eager Sikaran from helping just a bit too much. A Comm suppressor was enacted over the library and Captain Sesgaard decided that was a good time to take a walk with a certain Romulan.

Meanwhile, Banor and Jinx schedule a heist of information, which leads to mayhhem. During their mission someone triggers an alarm in the library, which turns out to be a Romulan accessing information about holograms and androids. Major Reynolds snipers spot Captain Sesgaard sneaking off with the Romulan Cadet as Jinx and Banor end up in a brawl and brought back to the ship under security watch for their actions. No one sees the Ferengi kidnap the holograms. How did he pull that off?

Banor and Jinx are let off with a verbal reprimand, since Carson had approved the mission in the first place, and Jinx and Eiwan (From Sentinel Station) get awarded the Inventors ribbon at the conference conclusion.

The crew has returned to Cromwell. Dr Shran, with some reservations, has decided to (finally) accept Sesgaards offer of CMO position and stay aboard. T’Thel, perhaps seeing an opportunity to improve Cromwell, or perhaps personal opportunities for redemption after nearly blowing Crowmell up, will stay aboard Cromwell for the time being as well. And a big welcome to our four cadets who were chosen to go on Cromwell for their cadet cruise.

Cromwell is having maintenance issues. Despite Jinx, DW 179 and now T’Thel efforts, things are just breaking down faster than engineering can keep up. If Cromwell can get out of orbit without falling apart, we might go on our next adventure…Exploration of a section of DFA Territory that is seldom explored.

Lastly…There has been silence from our first officer, who has been on a mission of her own What has she been up to? Will we hear from her soon? (OOC: to the crew, just wait till you see what Jen and I have been up to while the conference has been going on. You will like Jen’s adventure!)

A special thank you to all our off DS guests for joining Cromwell at the engineering conference. Cromwell had a grand time, as can be seen by the spike in our posting numbers. We hope you all did as well.

Players of the month:
Piper for a challenging counterpoint to DW as played in Chak, a guest Starfleet officer to the conference.
Barry/ Jinx: Who had several seminar posts as well as the inspiration for this conference, all to cover up illegal activity.
Special Guest appearances by
Heather as Gret the Ferengi Trader and his Scrib crew
Piper as Chief Engineer Chak, and Monty Scott, visiting from Phoenix
Sam as Cadet Khara t’Saren, visiting from S’Task
Barry as Trael t’Furhon, visiting from S’Task
Richard as Chief Engineer Eiwan from Sentinel Station.

Quotes of the month: There are several memorable quotes:

“We would urge you all, when you return to your homes, your starships and space stations, to look at your photonics in a new light” Jinx played by Barry

“Goose-lim?” Rabia said quickly, straightening and suddenly appearing quite serious. “But… I hardly even know him!” Wishi played by Randy

“The Voices in my Head may not be Real – But they have some good ideas!” posted on a coffee mug Dr Shran gives Jinx. Emma played by Heather

“We think that’s it,” Jinx grinned at his temporary replacement, but his face took on a more serious expression as he spoke. “We’ll be reachable if you need to contact us, but we think you’ll be fine.” Jinx (played by Barry) to T’Thel, a temporary Chief engineer, who within a matter of a day, nearly blows up the Cromwell.

“This one should taste familiar enough, Cromwell Connoisseur, named after Michael.” He grinned in amusement. Jinx, played by Barry telling of Michael Reynolds about the “whiskey” still on Cromwell.

“This man was the CO? He was so young… but then… his ship was very small…” Romulan Cadet Khara speaking about Carson. Special guest Sam playing Khara from S’Task

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