DFA Cromwell-B Monthly Report for May 2016

Cromwell lured the last Romulan renegade phase shifting ship next to the Orion ship, then used the orion ship’s trap to destroy the last Romulan attacker. Now comes the dirty work of finding out why this occurred. Away teams from both Cromwell and S’Task were formed and sent to the Romulan wreckage. The Cold Fusion Torpedoes drained the energy from the ship, killing them before the crew could escape. Part of the process was the intense cold that killed the crew at their posts, the energy of these living creatures, under pressure and cold, turned to a hydrocarbon fuel. There was nothing organic left. Defrosting the ships to find access for computers found these pockets of oil and gasses under pressure made for an explosive combination. The cold fusion torpedoes were also so highly effective, breaking structural integrity at the atomic level. S’Task and Cromwell away teams found themselves on a wreck that was breaking apart, exposing them to deep space. Emergency beam out sent Major Reynolds and Tyr tr’Saren to Cromwell Sickbay, and the rest of the away teams to S’Task.

Aboard Cromwell, Security begins to explore what happened to Nevala, and find a short range subspace transmitter. Who was she talking to? The only one in range would have to be aboard S’Task. Martis, Sheval and Carson head over to follow this lead, and find the Romulans hiding news that a number of Romulans also disappeared at the same time as Nevala. Romulan Security blames Tal Shiar sympathizers. They give up as the Romulans are less than forthcoming with information.

With the loss of the XO, a new XO had to be appointed. Captain Sesgaard tapped Jinx to fill the position. The crew is preparing to launch an investigation into the Romulan actions, and should arrive on Romulus soon.


We have lost contact with our XO Jen, yet the story continues. We hope that sometime she will reappear, a great player and brilliant writer. Good Luck Jen.

On the other side, we have seen the return of one of Cromwell’s players, AJ. Welcome Home! We are happy time permits his return from real life.

Player(s) of the month:

Randy and Sam, and the epic disintegration of space wreckage post.

Post(s) of the month:

2416.05.24.02 RRW tr’Saren “Space Surgery: Not Advised” Little was said, but elegant description of a collapsing wreckage. Here is just one excerpt.

It was halfway up an access ladder, that were the only non-elevator link between vertical floors, that there came another spine-shuddering groan rocked the environment about them. The deep, voluminous noise juddered and cried, it’s origin seemingly woven into the fabric of the ship itself. It sounded like a great underwater beast howling in the depths of the ocean, and it felt very, very close. Being iced over the ladder’s rungs were relatively treacherous to begin with and Tyr had to stop and hook his arms fast around the beams as more chunks and frost detached and swirled around them.

They didn’t have time to set off again when a second and more violent straining began to literally warp the shaft around them. And when Tyr’s suit automatically unfolded a pressure-sealed visor around his face he knew things were about to get pretty dicey.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) : Two related quotes

Randy as Major Reynolds: “Ever notice how our captain seems to, routinely, ask the near-impossible and act like he’s just asking you to tie your shoes?”

Piper as Banor: Banor returned the smile. “to be honest, I would rather be stuck in an act like tying my shoes….. Oh wait.” he pulled up his pant legs, showing a newly shined pair of boots. “Now I know why we wear boots… The mysteries of the universe, solved in a single mission.” Banor said with a larger smile.

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