DFA Cromwell-B Monthly Report for June 2016

Cromwell and S’Task continue to Romulus, finally reaching orbit. Cromwell crew search the previous XO’s room in search of clues to where she could have gone and why. It seems she has truly left, with only one hint, a brochure for Elemental Valley. When Cromwell reaches Romulus, Michael slips away, and is not heard from again.

Thorn, a replacement pilot for the marines, has a hidden past, and her personal dealings with the Romulans is proving daunting. Barcap went well with mixed flight of Nails and Thorn, and no major kerfluffles. Thorn decides to cover a slave tattoo on her wrist, and Dr Shran’s precision artistry completes this as requested. Thorn was then willing to test her limits by touring Romulus with Janos and Emganwini. Surprising all three is a doppelganger of Thorn, which, superficial differences aside, is her exact duplicate. Thorn, for unknown reason, goes catatonic in the encounter and is returned to Cromwell. The crew is hoping Dr. Shran can somehow break through to her.

Jinx is named XO of Cromwell as the crew begins to move on. He immediately is confronted by T’Thel (when she tells him), his replacement chief engineer, is a Starfleet intel informant. Together they inform the captain, until Shamrock, one of the Marine Pilots, bursts in with a proposal, a literal wedding proposal, to T’Thel. They will have to work through the politics of this situation, and Jinx and T’Thel go to talk further. But instead of discussing plans with the captain, Jinx decides the best course of action is to set a trap for Starfleet and get SFI to attack Cromwell, while in orbit over Romulus. Is Jinx’s hatred of Starfleet is overruling the best interests of the DFA?

As crazy an idea that sounds, even more wild ideas are being discussed and implemented. Carson slips off for a little recon by himself. This may cost him his ship when S’Task is attacked by a Romulan disguised as a human in a DFA uniform. Sesgaard is challenged by tr’Saren, the acting Commander of S’Task, while t’Pal is “away”, Will Carson allow S’Task Legionnaires to take custody of Cromwell while joining an effort to unravel and disrupt Romulan conspiracies? Will this cost Sesgaard his ship and his command?

Romulan Plotting is intricate and several discoveries were made. Starfleet intelligence has Orions working for them, who are also working for the Romulans. A Romulan house has break though technology in a phase shift cloak, that doesn’t leave the crew disoriented or worse, when used, and used it to attack S’Task and Cromwell. It looks as if Starfleet and Romulans are working together to divide the DFA territory, as had been originally planned…before the DFA rebellion was born, and took several sectors of the delta quadrant from both the UFP and RSE.

Nala sends a coded message to Jinx, and informs Jinx that t’Pal has been removed from command and is missing. They find a “Starfleet agent” and a “Klingon Diplomat” working together. The four return to Cromwell, and Nala and Sinclair face off over the Cromwell conference table. This was really bad timing as both would soon be presented with the proof by Commander Marq of the DFA, that SFI and Romulans are in collusion to dismantle the DFA.

This next month will test Cromwell’s alliance with S’Task to the limits.


We are still unsure exactly what a Crumpet is, but they are getting positive reviews.

Player(s) of the month:

Jason with his interesting subplot- not directly related to the Cromwell-S’Task diplomacy plot- regarding his clone “Thorn”.

Post(s) of the month:

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM) :

“Ladies, Tosk?” said Carson indicating the hanger exit.
Sinclair shrugged. “Looks like I’m going wherever you lead. Prisoner and whatnot.”

“Ladies, Captain,” Tosk answered with a nod. As he followed the others from the room, he could be heard saying to Jinx, “I thought it was pretty obvious they were ladies.”
The Trill chuckled and shook his head. “We’ve missed you Tosk.”- Barry, as Tosk, the Gorn

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