DFA Cromwell Monthly Report for February 2016

The Romulans have come from Romulus to escort Cromwell to ch’Rihan (Romulus) A late night visit by the DFA captain to S’Task’s Riov set up dinner plans for the crews of Cromwell and S’Task. No one has died, yet. Everyone wanted a hand in hosting the event, there was nearly a problem of too many chefs in the kitchen. Maria, Martis, and even Jinx lent a hand in trying to feed the guests.

The Romulans got the grand tour of Cromwell-B, each being paired with a Cromwell crewman. Some interesting perceptions of each other came out.

Eridi III has turned out to be the topic of discussion as both parties seem to be treading carefully. Neither party seems sure why the Romulans were experimenting in DFA territory.

The XO is remains mysteriously absent from the proceedings.

Also see Summary report from S’Task’s perspective.

NRPG: Good Posting number from a crossover. Working to make sure all players are involved. There are opportunities outside the main storyline for key contributions…If anyone wants more involvement and is unsure of where to go with the story, drop me a line. Also, watch for great QOTM and post it to NRPG boards so we can nominate some really good quotes for next month.

Player(s) of the month: Drika, with limited time, she certainly made an interesting dinner menu, and her actions gave the Romulans something to talk about among themselves.

Post(s) of the month: This was really a group effort in a single post thread (tours and dinner), so everyone gets a nod this month.

Quote(s) of the month (QOTM): I really hate to do this, but I have to give it to a Romulan. Tyr inclined his head to the woman as she departed. There had been a lot of nodding so far though it wasn’t half as bad as the Legionnaire had expected it to be. Sam as Tyr. Correctly observing we have been doing a lot of nodding to each other. 🙂

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