Cromwell Engineering Symposium

To: Commanding Officers, Executive officers, Staff officers; All services and corporations serving or residing within the Delta Quadrant.
From: DFA Command, Admiral Garrett , Head of DFA Engineering Corp, Chartyl.

You are cordially invited to the upcoming Engineering Symposium, to be held on Chetzia, at the DFA academy, Stardate 2415.08.28 to 2415.09.27.

This engineering symposium is designed to highlight technological innovations and presentations are open to any engineering or research and development personnel.

Engineering Personnel will be featured speakers, and they will be speaking on a wide array of innovations currently in experimental use, recent online use or in current production.

The symposium, however, is open to anyone with an interest in innovative practice. Perhaps you are interested in the Warp drive updates? Or the newest security equipment? Medical Advances including medications and surgical techniques. Or advances in nanobot technology? Come see what is available now…not what someone is dreaming will be. This is not a conference for selling products and ideas. Only working Prototypes and items in production will be allowed to be demonstrated and discussed.

If you do have an innovative idea that is being utilized, or has been utilized, bring it to Chetzia for demonstration. Please allow sufficient time to set up safety protocols prior to your arrival. Your prompt presentation idea submissions will allow us the needed time. There will be prizes awarded for the most innovative presentations, and the most impressive use of new technology.

The DFA Academy will provide lodging, or you may make your own arrangements at several nearby complexes. There are several on campus cafeterias available with a wide array of cuisine to meet the nutritional needs of most every species. Special dietary needs and restrictions can be accommodated with advanced notification. Chetzia has a well developed transportation system, many elegant dining facilities are scattered across the planet.

Chetzia was the the home base of the original defenders of the DFA, but it has long been known for its beauty within the sector. There will be ample time for attendees to tour; Tropical rain forests, miles of coastlines, rugged mountains, desert beauty. There will be a climate that will awe you, inspire you or challenge you, as your heart(s) desire.

You are welcome to arrive early and tour the planet, and time will be available through out the conference for networking, touring, or even a bit of relaxing.

If your government requires a Visa, they are available through your local embassies. Visitors to the DFA territories are subject to DFA jurisdiction. Dueling, Slavery, Vendetta/blood feuds, among the more obvious actions that are prohibited. A more thorough summary is available through your respective embassies.

Attendees are already beginning to register, don’t miss out on this rare Delta Quadrant event!

Admiral Garrett
DFA Engineering Corp

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